A humungous 6.1 billion for Indian renewable sector in FDI: A great push for the Green Initiative

A humungous 6.1 billion

India has been working towards the development and progress of the renewable energy sector for many years. In recent times, it has also been able to generate foreign investments through its innovative and advanced ideas and products in the same sector. As a result of all the ongoing development, the Nation’s renewable sector has managed … Read more

Good Faith Energy Solar Energy Contractor in Addison, Texas

Good Faith Energy Solar Energy Contractor in Addison, Texas

Shine bright; go Solar! That is the viewpoint of the people living in this period. The idea is commendable as switching to solar power will enable customers to receive consistent electricity at lower costs and in an eco-friendly manner. An increasing number of contractors are emerging as more and more individuals show interest in solar … Read more

Small Wind Turbine for Home

Small wind turbine for home

Have you ever considered using a small wind turbine for home? If you have not, here is your chance to explore the use and benefits of such devices in your home. In this article, you will explore the features, characteristics, and more of the small turbine and how it can enable the lower supply in … Read more

Largest solar installers in the US | Find them & contact now!

Largest solar installers in the US

There are many largest solar installers in the US but which is best for you, we have detailed each of them with the service they provide all over the United States. Largest solar installers in the US Sunrun: Services: Do you know: Which appliances use the most energy? Tesla/SolarCity: Services: SunPower Corporation: Services Vivint Solar: … Read more

Wind Energy – There are more than 3 types, how does it work?

Wind Energy

Wind energy is a procedure to make mechanical energy that is made from the wind’s kinetic energy. It is produced through the movement of the air masses present on the world’s surface. It is otherwise called wind Plants or generators, which assist the energy with changing over wind into power.  It is viewed as the … Read more

60 Minutes e-waste | Problem, Health Risk, Why not?

Renewable Energy

Introduction Since its 1968 premiere, the famous and enduring American television news magazine program “60 Minutes” has been a mainstay of American television. A weekly one-hour television program called “60 Minutes” usually airs on Sunday nights. Several in-depth news articles and investigative pieces make up its framework. The program is broken up into many pieces, … Read more

Renewable Energy – Why we need it in 2023, Science says?

Renewable Energy

An introduction to renewable energy and its importance – The globe is quickly becoming a global village because of the daily rise in energy consumption by everyone, even if the earth will never change in its physical shape. To support human social and economic progress, well-being, and health, there is an increasing demand for energy … Read more

Climate Change Explained: Consequences and Solutions in 2024

Climate change

Climate change is one of humanity’s most serious ecological problems. Human activities produce emissions of greenhouse gases, which retain heat and cause temperatures to rise on the Earth. Changes in climate impact weather, rising sea levels, and plant/animal changes. Changes in climate are linked to biodiversity loss, pollution, and resource depletion.  Causes of climate change❓ … Read more