Clean Energy Marine Hub at COP28: A venture by IAPH and the International Chamber of Shipping

The maritime community is working collaboratively on promoting decarbonization in the said sector. To pursue the same, it has even tried to bring together all the ports to encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas to facilitate a greener future in the maritime industry. This topic was also raised by IAPH President and Hamburg Port Authority CEO Jens Meier at the COP28 Shaping the Future of Shipping summit.

In this prestigious gathering hosted by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) in Dubai, more than three hundred maritime industry giants, ministers, and NGOs were present. They aimed to primarily focus on bringing forth a change and work towards the green initiative with motivation and team spirit. Further shedding light on how they expect ports to work, he stated “We should not see this as a competitive issue among ports. We need to develop tools together to ensure the infrastructure is available for low and zero-carbon fuels for when the ships calling need them.”

He also expressed a need to upgrade the capacity of each port and the need to do the same for their people as well. He also added that there is a need to bring about certain changes in the safety and readiness levels and tools of the industry. This, he states, can be the perfect example of the collaboration and team spirit that the partnership between IAPH climate and energy technical committee colleagues has executed.

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