125 MW Wind PV Portfolio Acquired By Cube Greens: The whole story

By obtaining almost 12& MW Wind and Solar PV Portfolio, Cube Greens has attained a significant milestone in its green endeavor. With it, It has also obtained twelve projects in Europe. All of the projects are primarily based in France or Germany. These are also good ye places where Cube Green Energy has been operating since always. The current state of affairs has added to the company’s capacity. It is now at 150MW of operational prices.

This portfolio can even report to more than 300 MW. Moreover, Cube Energy has been working hard to bring out more advanced wind turbines. To do so, it is planned to get all the old ones removed and install the new ones in their place. The new ones are supposed to generate much more power at a higher success rate. 

By executing all such plans efficiently, the organization intends to supply power to over 200,000 households. It is also aiming to enhance the power consumption ability of the local grids. To facilitate the same, it plans to store PV solar and utility-scale batteries at the same spot.

The organization has been constantly trying to upgrade its services by not only expanding into several European regions but also hiring employees in different locations. 

The Chief Executive of the Organisation mentioned, 

2023 has been a memorable year for Cube Green Energy as we expanded our renewable asset portfolio in Germany and France and progressed our repowering strategy.”

Cube Energy is trying to implement new methods and technologies to ensure a seamless supply of renewable energy to several households 24/7. The firm aims to play a significant role in this revolution and make it a success. 

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