Good Faith Energy Solar Energy Contractor in Addison, Texas

Shine bright; go Solar! That is the viewpoint of the people living in this period. The idea is commendable as switching to solar power will enable customers to receive consistent electricity at lower costs and in an eco-friendly manner. An increasing number of contractors are emerging as more and more individuals show interest in solar investment. 

Among these contractors is Good Faith Energy, established to offer solar and battery backup installation services for homes and businesses. It is among the best installers of solar serving systems for homes and businesses in Texas. 

About Good Faith Energy

Dedicated to offering top-notch solar and battery systems together with meticulously designed electrical solutions, Good Faith Energy is a solar energy contractor. The contractor’s ability to provide post-install client services is a plus.

Clients often want to attain energy independence and other objectives like financial diversification and utility rate protection; this solar firm ensures they can avoid any obstacles.

The company strives for seamless project delivery and aims to communicate directly with clients. Their staff comprises skilled technicians, post-install trainees, engineers, electricians, and local engineers who know how to do the job quickly and effectively.

Services offered by Good Faith Energy

The company provides assistance in innovative loan management, solar energy, EV chargers, and energy storage, which contribute to electrifying the customer’s conveyance and house. 

Apart from the services mentioned above, the company offers the following services: 

  1. Traditional Roofing 
  2. SPAN

Moreover, the company is always ready to be available to the customers for services they might require post-installation.

Company Profile of Good Faith Energy  

NameGood Faith Energy
Industries Founded DateConsulting, Energy, Solar 2014
HeadquartersFramers Branch, Texas, United States
Company TypeFor Profit
Phone Number+1-469-209-5910
Market Competitors Helios Energy, Green Integrations, and Optony

Solar Installation Procedure Explained by the Company

The company takes the below-mentioned steps to provide the services of solar installations:

  • Analysis of Consumption Pattern 

The contractor first looks into the current energy usage and consumption to determine the number of photovoltaic modules needed. 

  • Customizing the design of Solar

The company will send a tailor-made design for the customer’s roof. They use CAD software to design a customized roof.

  • Formulating the appropriate solutions for finance

The company finds the best solution in terms of finance for customers related to the financial requirements of installing an excellent solar system. They even accept cash payments and try to help customers find the most suitable financial option for themselves.

  • The team will start their installation work. 

The customer just needs to sit back and let the installation team work on installing the solar panels. 

  • Enjoy the benefits 

After installing the panels, customers must relax and enjoy the benefits of clean and sustainable solar energy. 


  • The company provides good customer care services. 
  • Good Faith offers various services like smart home solutions, EV charging stations, etc. 
  • They have extensively experienced experts to cater to the specific needs of homeowners and businesses. 
  • One of the best things is that they provide secure yet varied payment options.


  • The company’s area of practice is minimal. 
  • The website lacks information related to pricing, warranties, etc. 
  • There has been a rise in complaints by former employees, which in turn is raising concerns about the company’s work culture and employee treatment. 

Good Faith Energy Reviews by the Customers 

  • A satisfied client said the organization offered excellent rates and straightforward procedures.
  • The customer expressed his appreciation for the company’s professionalism and promptness in his letter. 
  • Another client said the business had well-organized sales, procedures, planning, installation, and customer service. 
  • Most customers expressed satisfaction with the company’s installation and customer service procedures. 
  • A consumer expressed amazement and happiness at the company’s communication with him, given that firms might be more forthcoming with information following a transaction. On the other hand, Good Faith Energy showed its superiority during the installation and post-install servicing procedures. 


The company’s rating is 4.61 out of five stars. The company does have some issues, but if they are resolved, it might be the greatest in its industry. Like a coin with two sides, the firm may have both favorable and unfavorable assessments. 

However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Thus, Good Faith Energy offers customers the option to have home and other business-related solar panels installed.

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