Domestic Investments in Green Energy: Adani’s Newest Venture in India

The Indian market is progressing towards achieving zero net goals. Amidst all this Adani owned Ambuja Cements Ltd has decided to invest a huge amount of 723 million rupees in 1000 megawatts of renewable power projects. Ambuja Cements has been relying upon green energy sources for almost 19% of its capacity. However, in recent times, they have decided to take it up a notch and implement green energy for more than 60%.

To facilitate the same, one of the biggest entities in India has decided to include 600 MW of solar power and 150 MW of wind power plants in Gujarat.

It will also set up a 250 MW solar plant in Rajasthan. Additionally, they are also targeting the reduction of green energy costs. For instance, they plan to decrease the cost of electricity from 6.46 rupees per KW/HR to 5.16 rupees. By doing so, they aim to boost the use of green energy across several sectors.

However, Adani’s vision of creating a green world or industrial sector does not stop here; rather, it begins. In the next few years, he plans to invest more than a hundred million and adopt the use of green energy sources in almost five of his companies. With all such plans in place, the firm is planning to reach its individualistic net zero goals by 2050.

As India is taking several significant strides in creating a greener world and with the Prime Minister’s goal of creating a carbon-neutral nation, Adani’s initiative in incorporating renewable methods brings a new light of hope.

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