Vsun Solar Panel Review | Pros, Cons with Feedbacks (2024)

Vsun solar panels has earned many good Vsun solar panel review on overall performance. You can read in-depth detail about the company and their products below.

We have gathered all the relevant details and have categorized them into specifications, pros, cons, etc, for our readers. It will surely help them explore the importance of the mentioned source and how it can help them further. For more details, read the following article. 

About Vsun Solar (company)

Vsun Solar company is known for providing some of the best solar module solutions. The company, situated in Japan, offers a huge variety of solar products that can be utilized for commercial and personal purposes. Their main goal is to save the environment by providing houses and buildings with green energy.

By being one of the top providers of solar energy, they have earned several accolades in the field. A few of their best products include solar panels, modules, etc. In this Vsun solar panel review, we will explore a few varieties. 

Vsun solar panel ranges/types 

  • Vesta
  • Vesta N
  • Vesta Ultra Black 
  • Vesta Duo

Technical Specifications

Their technical specifications vary per the model you choose. Therefore, we have enlisted all the specifications of each model below:

Vesta N

  • Power output: 620 W
  • Module efficiency: 22.18%
  • Higher energy yield than PERC: 3-4%
  • Bifaciality: Upto 85%
  • MBB Technology
  • Lower LID/LETID
  • PID resistance
  • Anti-reflective

Vesta Ultra Black

  • Power output: 430 W
  • Bifaciality: 80%
  • Module Efficiency: 22.2%
  • Temperature: -40℃+85℃.
  • MBB and Half-cell technology
  • High-quality sheet


  • Power output: 670 W
  • Module efficiency: 21.57
  • Bifaciality: 80%
  • Temperature: -40℃+85℃
  • HOT 2.0 technology
  • PID resistance

Vesta Duo

  • Power output: 670 W
  • Module efficiency: 22.26
  • Bifaciality: 85%
  • Temperature: -40℃+85℃.
  • Double-sided power


  • The power output of solar panels is higher than several such products available in the green energy sector today.
  • Vsun has come up with four distinct series within which there are different models with different energy capacities. This enables users to choose one per their needs. 
  • These solar panels not only have the best performance but also have an appealing look, which makes them the perfect addition to any workspace or house.
  • They have been structured using the best materials, which makes them capable of enduring extreme weather conditions. 
  • Even on days when sunlight is scarce, these panels can perform adequately and keep the energy flow unaffected.
  • In the above section of this Vsun solar panel review, you can see that the company has earned several accolades. Similarly, its solar panels have also made certificates that show how these can withstand salt and ammonia and can fight against corrosion. 


  • No Vsun solar panel review has criticized its functionality in any manner. However, there is a debate regarding its price, which is higher than similar products available in the green energy sector. 

What are the Vsun solar panel review?

We scoured the internet for reviews or feedback from customers. This would help our readers form an opinion about the said solar panels and take the right step at the right time. Therefore, we have categorized each comment into positive and negative and have enlisted them below:

Positive feedback:

  • One user on Reddit said that they have installed four hundred panels of Vsun and have been quite satisfied with its performance. They have had no issues since they installed it.
  • Another user has stated that Vsun has managed to surpass the performance of several big names in the industry with its efficiency.
  • A satisfied customer expresses how he has had a seamless supply of energy since he installed the solar panels a few weeks ago. They also look great, which adds to the beauty of their home. 

Negative remarks:

  • A user on Reddit said that he installed the panels but had some issues with a few panels and is waiting for a reply back from Vsun regarding the same.

Are Vsun solar panels the best?

Apart from the fact that there are very few negative comments available on the internet, the fact that many people have chosen it over famous brands in the market is proof enough that it is one of the best solar panels available. It has received almost 5-star ratings from most customers, with many users on Reddit shedding light on its efficiency.

Moreover, several third-party websites are authentic, have positive things to say about these solar panels, and have even urged users to give it a try. 


Hence, as Vsun solar panels have managed to grab a top position in the green energy market for solar panels, customers who want to switch to clean energy can opt for it. We hope our review was helpful, and we await your response in the comments section below. 

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