Meyer Burger Solar Panels Review | Pros, Cons & details 2024

We have gathered many Meyer Burger Solar Panels review and based on that prepared this article. Meyer Burger is one of the best solar panel provider company.

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What is Meyer Burger Solar?

Meyer Burger is one of a kind and distinct company that aims to promote solar energy and sustainability to protect the ecology for future generations. The company was established 70 years ago and boasts three decades of experience in solar panels. The company is known for its one-of-a-kind solar panels that manufacture and produce distinct photovoltaic panels that generate high KW of energy.

The company operates from Switzerland, where it conducts all the research and testing, and Germany, where the products are manufactured and assembled. It is one of the most preferred brands due to its rarefied manufacturing and production, which includes SmartWire technology.

They also offer a variety of solar panels from which the customers can choose which have a classy and elegant finish. Apart from the design, the company also entrusts the panels’ high efficiency and energy generation.

Meyer Burger Panel Types

  • Black Solar Panel: The perfect choice for private rooftop installations with a company guarantee of 25 years.
  • White Solar Panel: The ideal selection for higher efficiency as it is the best panel with maximum efficiency with a company guarantee of 25 years.
  • Glass Solar Panel: A one-of-a-kind panel that absorbs sunlight from both sides and generates energy efficiently with a product guarantee of 30 years.

Panel Specifications

Black Solar Panel

  • Power: 375-395 Wp
  • Weight: 19.7kg
  • Efficiency: 20.4-21.6%

White Solar Panel

  • Power: 380-400 Wp
  • Weight: 19.7kg
  • Efficiency: 20.7-21.7%

Glass Solar Panel:

  • Power: 370-390 Wp
  • Weight: 24.4 kg
  • Efficiency: 20.6-22%


  • Name of the company: Meyer Burger
  • Incorporation year: 1953
  • Place of incorporation: Switzerland, Germany
  • Services: Installation of Solar roof tiles and panels, Monitoring and Maintenance of Solar Panels.
  • Phone: +49 3723 671 3522
  • Area of specialization: Residential and Commerical Solar
  • Revenue: $268 million


  • Customisation of installation of panels
  • Latest technology for installation
  • Competitive and reasonable pricing of installation
  • Use of white, black, and glass foil for higher efficiency
  • 30 years of warranty on solar panels
  • Premium and High-Quality panels


  • High charges for installation

Should you go for Meyer Burger Solar Panels?

Meyer Burger is a pinnacle and elite company that offers various services, such as solar panels and tiles at commercial and residential complexes. The panels provided by the company guarantee a 30-year solar panel warranty.

Meyer Burger is known for its heterojunction technology, which aims to generate solar energy even during the day and night, as well as in bad weather conditions. White, black, and glass panels are offered per the customer’s requirements.

It is a reputed company that has installed solar panels in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and many other cities nationwide. They have high efficiency and elegantly designed panels that look beautiful wherever installed.

Below are the reviews of the pinnacle company, Meyer Burger, that will help you understand whether to opt for this company.

What are the Meyer Burger Solar panels review?

Positive reviews

  • One of the customers gave a 5-star rating, stating that the product cannot be compared to other panels. It offers the highest and premium quality panels and tiles with a sleek black design, making them look elegant.
  • Another customer also rated the company 5-star as the company has the best commitment towards its customers, and the panels provide the highest efficiency as promised.
  • A 5-star rating was given by a commercial company that has set up solar panels and has stated that in the 32 years of their company, they have not experienced any panels as efficient and premium as the Meyer Burger solar panels.
  • The customer service and response of the company towards customers is quick and spontaneous, for which another customer rated the company 5- stars.

Negative reviews

  • A customer rated the company 2-star as the panels were wildly expensive for installation and maintenance.
  • A 1-star rating was given by a customer who was dissatisfied with the price range offered by the company as it was more on the higher side and not so affordable.

Are Meyer Burger Solar Panels the best?

The company can be trusted and has been rated 5 out of 5 stars by Energy Sage, as it is one of the best companies to offer premium and elite panels that work with efficiency. The company runs on the latest technology, aims to promote sustainability, and is ecologically safe.

The materials used by the company to manufacture its solar panels and tiles are completely environmentally safe and do not harm the ecology.

Therefore, it is a wholly entrusted and reputed company that can be opted by people worldwide for one of the best and premium quality solar panel installations that provides high efficiency.

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