Bluesun Solar Panels Review | 3.1 User Ratings (2024)

Bluesun is a China based solar company, in many Bluesun solar panels review by the customers it is preferrable product and used by many mainly in U.S.

In this article, the readers will get to know about the various products that the company has, along with the feedback that it receives from its customers. You will also get to know about the benefits and drawbacks of using the site, so let us get started.

What is Bluesun solar?

Before we see the Bluesun solar panels review, let us first see what this company is about. Since 2013, this company has been known for selling its solar products, including inverters and batteries, among other items. The company runs with the support of more than 320 employees.

Recognized in its country at a national level, the main vision and mission of the company is to spread its products globally. It also believes in prioritizing the customers first and has warehouse services in countries like the EU and the United States of America.

Bluesun solar panel types

Let us now see the types of panels the buyers can purchase to save their bills from their company.

  • 166mm Solar Panel – to buy this product, you just have to click on the solar panel’s option, which is also available in half cell variant.
  • 182mm and 210mm – there are variants in this category; for example, you can get this in double glass solar or in monocrystalline.
  • Jet series – this is available in black frame and black PV.
  • Shingled and HJT – this is available in 600W, 100W, 170W, etc.
  • N-type – you can get this in 600W, with 210 cell battery and also in 450W.

Let us see the Bluesun solar panels review shortly to know how well they liked their items.

Technical Specifications

  • Contact Number – 8615858213997
  • Email ID –
  • Exhibition – you can find this year’s schedule, which is held in different places. The address is also mentioned on their site.
  • Social Media – LinkedIn, X, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Projects – They have projects on different continents like Asia, Europe, etc.
  • Downloads – if you want information and want to download certificates, then by choosing this option, you can do so.
  • Blog – the buyers can even read their blogs, and the site even provides categories to choose from.
  • News – Besides blogs, customers can even get updates on the latest news.


  • The buyers can shop for different items besides solar panels, like batteries, solar pumps, and solar systems.
  • You can contact them through Skype or WhatsApp; they are also on different social media platforms.
  • The customers can even update themselves by reading their news and blogs.
  • Even warehouses are present in the US, and addresses and contact details are mentioned.
  • They have reliable and fast delivery.


  • Some items are priced too high.

What are the Bluesun solar panels reviews?

Positive reviews

  • One of the users found the company very professional and gave them five stars.
  • Positive results were found by a user, and he was happy with their service.
  • A buyer appreciated the wide variety of products with them.
  • Another user on Reddit found their panels to be good.
  • The warehouse on their site was one feature that another customer liked.

Negative reviews

  • It took many months for them to revert, as another buyer stated in his review.
  • The batteries were drained, which is what was reviewed by a customer.
  • One of the buyers is yet to get his product and has paid all the transport costs.
  • The panels were faulty and were ordered by a buyer.
  • Compatibility was not found in a product, and he didn’t like it.

Are Bluesun solar panels the best?

The readers must have understood the various items available along with the technical specifications. According to our research on Trust Pilot, the company got 3.1 stars, which is above average. On Reddit, there were both positive and negative reviews about the company.

Hence, though the company might not be the best, it can be given a try, and the buyers can choose the type of panel they wish to install in their homes.


The readers must have gained insights about Bluesun solar panels review and the benefits and drawbacks of ordering from this site. While few customers are skeptical about the company, there are positive reviews where they liked the items they received.

Hence, if you liked it, it is time to place your order. We hope you found this article helpful; please don’t forget to rate us.

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