Top 10 Solar Manufacturers in the World | 2024

Do you know what are the Top 10 solar manufacturers in the world? This article will help you to identify all about solar panels and their makers. Also, help to choose among these options.

Solar power is a source of renewable energy that comes from the sun, making it environmentally friendly. We never run out of solar energy because the sun keeps shining. Also, it doesn’t produce any harmful toxins or gasses in the environment and saves us from paying lots of bills. We can use solar energy for various purposes, such as charging devices, making or heating food, etc. Just by proper utilization of that giant hot ball lying there in space. 

List of top 10 solar manufacturers in the world

1.Astronergy (CHINT SOLAR), China: –

  • Astronergy, established in 2006, operates under the CHINT group, focusing on photovoltaic modules in the solar industry.
  • The business, spanning 140+ countries, has been rated as a ‘Top performer ‘ by PVEL seven times. And also sales centers garnered to its remarkable sales performance in major international markets.
  • Guided by the vision to become the leading distributed energy platform, delivering green energy solutions and working on a comprehensive approach from manufacturing to sales.

Contact details:

  • Website:
  • Address: 1335 Binan Rd., Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CN
  • Phone: +86 571 5675 8864

2. First Solar, USA: –

  • Since 1999, First Solar has been a US-based Solar tech. Globally active, reaching across the US, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is considered as one of the best among Top 10 solar manufacturers in the world
  • The company emerged as the biggest Solar manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere in 2019.

Contact details:

  • Address: 350 West Washington Street, Suite 600, Tempe, Arizona 85281, USA
  • Telephone: 419.662.6899

3.Waaree Solar, India: –

  • Established in 1989, the company has emerged as a prominent global player leading force in solar energy.
  • With a proud global team of +8500 employees, the company stands out by providing 6GW of premium solar modules in over 20 countries.
  • Solidified as India’s most bankable Solar brand, offering a range of solutions encompassing EPC services, Solar products, and Solar storage services.

Contact details:

  • Address: 602, 6th Floor, Western Edge – I, Western Express Highway, Borivali (East), NA Mumbai Mumbai City MH 400066 IN.
  • Phone: 1800-2121-321

4.Trina Solar Co. Ltd., China: –

  • With its establishment in 1997, the company acts as a key player that specializes in PV products, PV systems, and smart energy, contributing to the global shift toward sustainability.
  • Embracing globalization, the company has attracted R&D talents worldwide.

Contact details:

  • Address: No.2 Tianhe Road, Trina PV Industrial Park, Xinbei District, Jiangsu, China
  • Website:
  • Phone: +86 519 8517 6109

5.Canadian Solar, Canada: –

  • The roots of Canadian solar trace back to 2001, when the company marked its debut on the pivotal NASDAQ market in 2006, marking the initiation of substantial contributions in the solar energy sector.
  • Positioned as a global leader, the company offers turnkey solutions with continued growth and innovation.
  • The company has expanded its services to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Contact details:

  • Address: 545 Speedvale Ave West, Guelph, Ontario N1K 1E6, CA
  • Phone: (519) 837-1881

6. Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd., China: –

  • Dr. Shi Zhengrong laid the foundation of Suntech and served as chairman and CEO until 2013, leveraging his education in photovoltaic and renewable energy engineering.
  • The company has an extensive global reach to over countries and regions.
  • With a mission centered on ‘Solar powering a green future,’ the company emphasizes its commitment to sustainability.

Contact details:

  • Address: 17-6 Changjiang South Road, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province 214028, People’s Republic of China. 
  • Telephone: (86) 510 534 5000

7. Jinko Solar Holding Co. Ltd., China: –

  • With a massive presence in over 180 countries and annual orders surpassing 8,000, the company’s services span across the globe, showcasing its robust impact on the renewable energy landscape.
  • Embracing a commitment to a sustainable future, the company emphasizes integrated research, development, and leading photovoltaic markets.
  • With active participation in global initiatives and international frameworks, the company has maintained its position as a leader in the photovoltaic markets.

Contact details:

  • Telephone: +86 21-5180-8777
  • Email:

8.Adani Solar, India: –

  • Adani Solar, led by Mr. Vneet S Jaain, who serves as the MD and CEO, is committed to making solar energy affordable and accessible and highly dedicated to a greener and sustainable future.
  • The company’s manufacturing plant emphasizes reflecting clean energy solutions while holding the vision of securing energy for India and the world.
  • With a focus on pan India presence, Adani Solar drives its commitment towards sustainability and reliable global solutions.

Contact details:

  • Address: Adani Corporate House, Shantigram, SG – Highway, Ahmedabad – 382421, Gujarat, India
  • Contact: (079) 26565555

9.Convert Italia, Italy: –

  • Headquartered in Rome, Italy, the company’s core focus ensures the development of high-quality solar systems while focusing on clients’ experiences, setting it apart in the solar energy sector.
  • Founded in 1981, the company has been signifying a legacy spanning over four decades in the solar energy landscape.
  • Having evolved changes in the corporate status, the company has navigated the changing energy market.
  • With a focus on strategic financial insight, the company engages in a secondary private financing approach.
  • Having undergone two financing rounds, the company highlights a proactive financial approach.

Contact details:

  • Address: Via del Serafico, 200, 00142 Roma RM, Italy
  • Phone: +39 06 510611

10.SunPowerCorporation, California: –

  • Headquartered in Richmond, California, the company deals in renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing.
  • The company’s core mission is to make clean energy and backup storage accessible to all.
  • The company’s seamless solutions go beyond solar, delivering storage solutions and customer service.
  • With an extensive 35+ years of focused solar experience, the company stands as an industry pioneer.
  • The company highly specializes in project development, alternative energy, photovoltaic, solar storage, residential solar sectors, etc.

Contact details:

  • Phone: 1(800)786-7693
  • Email:


We hope you liked the latest list of the top 10 solar manufacturers in the world; this informative post is purely based on market research. However, this is not the ranking list but a random numbering of all the best manufacture in the world.

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