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What is the Top 10 Best Solar Companies in San Diego? Who is there in today’s time who is not aware of solar energy? In simple words, this is the energy that comes from the sun and is used to generate electricity. It is a renewable resource which is found in abundant quantities.

The U.S. is the richest when it comes to Holding solar resources worldwide, and San Diego has some of its top companies providing solar systems.

List of Top 10 Best Solar Companies in San Diego

Soltech Electric: – 

  • Brad Goddin, the brainchild of Soltech Electric, laid the foundation in 2015 to aid residential owners and business proprietors in trimming their energy expenditures.
  • The company brings its biggest wealth in terms of holding experience for more than 3 decades in real estate development to the table and leveraging it to provide the best services to the market.
  • The company caters to the diverse needs of the market by providing a spectrum of services. A few of its comprehensive services include pace financing, electrical services, solar panel roofing, and green consulting for new developments.
  • The company has a wide range of customer base as they offer extended services from carports & warehouses, schools, and hospitals to government projects, non-profit institutions, and churches and synagogues.
  • Whether you’re seeking to get solar installed for your newly constructed or the already existing one, Soltech Electric is undoubtedly a solid choice and is in the list of Top 10 Best Solar Companies in San Diego

Contact details:

  • Office address:8910 University Center Ln #400, San Diego, CA 92122
  • Phone: (858) 243-7247
  • Email:

SunPower by SolarGuru Energy:

  • Ashok and Miguel, lifelong friends in collaboration with Ashok’s father, Sajeda veteran U.S. environmentalist and recipient of a lifetime achievement award in Solars holding over 40 years of solar energy expertise, came together to create the 35-year-old company.
  • The company’s twofold mission strives to achieve a balance between cost-cutting for individuals through solar energy usage and ensure environmental preservation simultaneously.
  • Backed by a robust team, the company streamlines the solar installation process while dedicated consultants stand ready to address any queries.
  • The company navigates a straightforward approach that consists of a streamlined four-step process: consultation, design and engineering, installation, and operation.
  • Standing out for its commitment to exemplary service, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction without relying upon typical marketing tactics.

Contact details:

  • SunPower Corporation,
  • Phone: (833) 383-GURU
  • Email: 

Mesa Solar Company: –

  • Guided by the Smith brothers, the company offers comprehensive assistance to its customers throughout the entire process.
  • From installation & permitting to building & finalization, the company ensures a smooth journey seamlessly.
  • Being a licensed company, the company provides trustworthy services with transparent and competitive prices one can rely on.
  • Known for great services, the company provides dependable choices for a top-notch solar installation experience.
  • If you seek the optimal blend of the best solar installation price coupled with an unforgettable experience, keep the company’s name on your radar.

Contact details: –

  • Phone: (208) 859-6486
  • Email: 


  • Founded by the dynamic duo Mike and Don, set the tone in shaping the company by driving their vision and operations.
  • Bringing over three decades of energy and research experience, Dr. Michael Snell, president and CEO, not only designs solar systems but actively participates in implementing solar systems.
  • With over 15 years as a licensed builder, honed in high-end constructions, the senior vice president, Don Walter, guarantees proper and smooth installation and flawless system functionality.
  • This locally owned business is a fully licensed business holding a class B license and well embodied with valuable experience.
  • Offering a spectrum of services, the company excels in custom design work, permitting personalized installations, and ensuring long-term satisfaction and maintenance, including covering HOA and SDG&E paperwork.

Contact details: –

  • Phone: (844) 786-4364
  • Email:

Sunco Solar Company: –

  • Established in 1992, Sunco has been dedicated to serving San Diego for more than two and a half decades.
  • Sunco operates without quotas and guarantees to deliver highly experienced and professional work.
  • Specializing in providing services in both solar and electrical (C-10), Sunco is a versatile company that stands out as a full-time contractor.
  • With a core motive to focus on excellence, the company reflects its impressive 98% customer satisfaction ratio.
  • If you seek honesty & transparency in your solar installation work, Sunco comes highly recommendable.

Contact details:

  • Phone: 6199442101
  • Email:

48Solar & Roofing: –

  • Leonard Manos, the CEO, recognized a significant gap as a former sales representative at renowned solar companies, where sales targets were prioritized and customer satisfaction took a backseat.
  • Established with a commitment to serve customer-centric values and strives to deliver services with utmost honesty and integrity, not dealing with the mere motive of fulfilling sales quotas.
  • Starting as a standalone venture, has expanded and evolved into a franchised business and now operates successfully across more than 12 States.
  • It is imperative to consider if you prioritize consistent and proper maintenance of your solar system beyond the installation phase.

Contact details: –

  • Phone: (619) 478-0660
  • E-mail:

Higher Power Solar: –

  • Cheyne Cowell, the founder, embarked on a journey of recovery from drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse and discovered the transformative power of solar.
  • The company’s mission aimed to support homeowners in cutting down bills and electricity, presenting a distinctive approach with zero installation costs.
  • While prioritizing no upfront installation expenditures, the company guarantees installs that fit and seamlessly integrate your home.
  • For those seeking installs that not only fit but also contribute to enhanced energy efficiency, this company could be a go-to option.

Contact details: – 

  • Phone: 858-442-6745


  • The company, being an insured contractor and a fully licensed company, boasts an A + BBB rating, guarantees reliability, and top-notch service.
  • The company offers a completely tailored energy plan, which covers a range of solutions such as solar energy, batteries, fuel cells, Turf, energy-efficient windows, commercial fans, and smart business integration.
  • The company is committed to remaining at the forefront by utilizing advanced technologies and makes sure to assist clients with up-to-date services.
  • The company goes the extra mile and delivers satisfying experiences at the most competitive prices, making it accessible to all, even if you’re under budget constraints.

Contact details: – 

  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +1 858 504 7283

Aviara Solar Contractors: –

  • Boasting a track record of over 12 years of industry experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the residential solar service sector, excelling in top-notch installation, and tailored design to financing solutions.
  • The company offers a spectrum of solar services, from encompassing free consultations to monitoring and installation of panels, solar roof shingles, batteries, smart homes, EV charging outlets, financing, and, at last, lifelong maintenance.
  • If you’re seeking comprehensive assistance, this company is undoubtedly your best place to contact, providing support anywhere & everywhere you need it.

Contact details: –

  • EMAIL:
  • OFFICE LINE: 858.459.9020

EZ Solar & Electric: –

  • With a history of over two decades, this fully licensed and insured company has established itself as a consistent and reliable mark in the solar, electrical, and roofing sectors.
  • The sole owner, Sky Seals, highly dedicated to the solar industry, leads a fully staffed team that is focused on surpassing customer expectations.
  • For those seeking highly competitive prices and Excel services, this company is positioned as a one-stop shop and an ideal choice.

Contact details: –

  • Phone: (619) 500-8090
  • Email:

Being a U.S. resident, how can you not use solar energy? There is so much sunlight there, so why don’t we use it and cut down our bills? Secondly, it is a renewable energy resource that reduces greenhouse gasses and protects our environment from getting polluted. We hope you liked the latest list of Top 10 Best Solar Companies in San Diego?

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