Top 10 Solar Companies in San Antonio | 2024

Top 10 solar companies in San Antonio will help you to decide which company to prefer. Although, it is not limited to, you can also compare and have more options.

Sunlight is a never-ending source of solar energy. Solar energy is also an environment-friendly solution for our growing energy needs. Harnessing solar energy minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. Undoubtedly, it’s a green energy solution. It’s a financially sustainable energy option that can help you save lots of pennies. The panels are easily accessible and can be deployed at various locations. Be it at a workplace or rest place, solar fits everywhere. So, let’s have a look at a few solar companies:

1. Lux energy: –

  • Guided by professionals committed to customer care, the company offers various programs and financing solutions and is also dedicated to delivering a seamless, clean energy setup for their homes.
  • The company’s approach involves the transition to free in-home consultations and assesses potential utility benefits for the homeowner.

Lux energy Contact details:

  • Address: 3201 Cherry Ridge Dr., Suite C307, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States
  • Phone: +1 830-308-7475

2. CAM Solar: –

  • Established in 1990 with a commitment to creating a sustainable future, the company is passionate about growing and innovating in the solar industry and seeking some of the best solar solutions.
  • The company renders expansive, tailored solar solutions, covering both residential and commercial needs.

CAM Solar Contact details:

  • Address: 6631 Topper Run, San Antonio, TX 78233, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-227-3456

3. South Texas Solar Systems: –

  • With its foundation laid back in 2007, the company is dedicatedly leading in engineering, procurement, and construction work, and specializes in photovoltaic module installations.
  • Committed to assisting clients in discovering tailored solutions to reducing electricity bills for both residential and commercial needs.
  • According to Trustpilot, the company has a rating of 3.7.

South Texas Solar Systems Contact details:

  • Address: 10203 Kotzebue St, Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-829-5420

4.TriSMART Solar: –

  • The company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for end-to-end solar questions, including full-service assistance from installation to management.
  • Recognized for excellence, Solar Power World magazine has acknowledged the company with the title of #1 Residential solar installer in Texas.

TriSMART Solar Contact details:

  • Address: 2463 Freedom Dr, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-622-2805

5. Solar edge pros: –

  • With a legacy dating back to 2005, the company has been a trusted leader in the solar industry, providing cleaner, greener, and cost-effective solar installations.
  • The company values your positive experience as the top priority by enhancing both customer interactions and the internal working culture.
  • By joining hands with the company, you benefit from its in-house installation, backed by a 30-year artistry warranty.

Solar edge pros Contact details:

  • Address: 11010 Coachlight St Ste 102, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-401-9030

6. Soleil Energy Solutions LLC: –

  • The company brings over 7 years of precious experience to the table, focused on delivering reliable and top-notch service.
  • The customer-centric approach comes with a commitment to building cleaner and better communities.
  • While offering a spectrum of services such as solar panel installation, removal and replacement, repair, and the integration of EV charging stations, the company ensures a one-stop solution for all solar needs.

Soleil Energy Solutions LLC Contact details:

  • Address: 3700 Fredericksburg Rd # 114, San Antonio, TX 78201, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-255-8825

7. Solar Electric Texas: –

  • The company’s mission is crystal clear: to focus on innovation and affordability for both residential owners and commercial owners.
  • The company respects your thoughts that you installed solar panels to lower utility bills, enhance environment sustainability, and decrease reliance on local energy providers.
  • Specializing in efficient and professional solar panel repair services, the company takes pride in committing to customers.

Solar Electric Texas Contact details:

  • Address: 1803 Grandstand Dr., Suite 200, San Antonio, TX 78238, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-802-4222

8. Big sun Solar: –

  • Fueled by a mission since 2015, the company is dedicated to facilitating the mass adoption of solar by ensuring its affordability, accessibility, and reliability for all.
  • The company, rooted in Texas, shares a Texan dedication to a renewable future, echoing that today’s efforts shape the environment for the next generation.

Big sun Solar Contact details:

  • Address: 200 E Grayson St, Suite 126, San Antonio, TX 78215, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-960-2303

9. Alba energy: –

  • Originating in 2013, the company emerged from a group of solar industry professionals who were willing to fill a void in the Texas solar market, focusing on a pivotal path that prioritizes the customer above all.
  • The entire solar process of the company, such as sales, installation, monitoring, etc, is managed in-house only by deploying full-time WE employees and ditching the subcontracting model.

Alba Energy Contact details:

  • Address: 1777 NE Interstate 410 Loop Suite 600, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-571-0311

10. Victory Solar: –

  • Since its establishment in 2016, it has become one of the rapidly growing solar companies; the company has become a distinct figure in Texas by positioning itself as a swiftly advancing solar industry.
  • The locally owned installation company has a strong presence across different cities such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, etc. Including San Antonio, providing tailored solutions for homeowners and business proprietors.

Victory Solar Contact details:

  • Address: 9207 Marbach Rd #305, San Antonio, TX 78245, United States
  • Phone: +1 210-392-7596

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