Q cells solar panels review – Feedback from all sources

Looking for a Q cells solar panels review? The brand Q Cells is one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels. Formerly known as Q Cells AG, it was founded in Talheim, Germany in 1999 by a group of German engineers named Paul Grunow, Anton Milner, Reiner Lemoine, and Holger Feist. However, due to some common reasons, it was acquired by a South Korean company in 2012 and is now known as Hanwha Q Cells Company.

In this article, we have combined all the major Q cells solar panels review and feedback given by the customers so that you can get an overall idea about the product, company, and its services.

What Are Q Cells Solar Panels?

Q Sales, a part of Hanwha Q Sales Co., Ltd., is a major player in the solar energy market. Known for its innovation and advanced technology in photovoltaic (PV) products. It has gained a reputation for manufacturing high-efficiency solar panels in line with German engineering standards.

“Q Cells’ dedication to craftsmanship and quality is reflected in every solar panel they produce.”

Company details

Company nameHanwha QCELLS (formerly known as QCELLS AG.) Now known as Qcells
Established in1999, Talheim, Germany
Acquired bySouth Korean Company
HeadquarterSeoul, South Korea
AvailabilityAll over United States
Manufacturing plantChina, South Korea, Malaysia, US

Types of solar panels

Before getting into the Q cells solar panels review let’s understand the different types of Q CELLS solar panels that can help you make an informed choice. Here are the primary categories:

  • Q.PEAK Duo BLK-G10+ series: Panels from this series come with 5 outputs e.g. 350 Watts (W), 355W, 360W, 365W, and 370W
  • Q.PEAK Duo BLK ML-G10+ series: This series is the advanced version of BLK-G10+ which has a higher output of up to 410 with better efficiency of up to 20.9%.
  • Q.PEAK Panels: These are known for their high efficiency and performance even in low light conditions.
  • Q.PLUS Panels: These panels are slightly less efficient but come at a lower price point, making them accessible for various budgets.
  • Q.MAXX Panels: These are a newer addition, offering balanced performance, aesthetics, and cost.

Comparison of 2 main residential products of G10+ series

Efficiency19.6% – 20.9%19.5% – 20.6%
Wattage385 – 410 W350 – 370 W
Temperature coefficient-0.34%-0.34%
Warranty25 years25 years
Efficiency loss86% power output after 25 years86% power output after 25 years

What are its features and benefits?

High Efficiency

One of the extraordinary features of Q cell solar panels is their high efficiency. It has consistently led the way in panel efficiency rates, often featuring in the top tiers of industry benchmarks.

  • Innovative Q.ANTUM Technology: This proprietary technology enhances efficiency by utilizing passivated cell surfaces. This allows the cells to capture more sunlight and convert it into energy more effectively.
  • Performance Warranty: It offers a 25-year performance warranty, which ensures a degradation rate of only 0.5% per year. After 25 years, the panels are guaranteed to operate at 85% capacity.

Durability and Design

The solar panels are designed to withstand various climatic conditions.

  • Weather Resistance: They are tested under extreme weather conditions, including heavy snow and high winds, ensuring durability.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With sleek, black designs available, its solar panels can add a modern touch to your roof without compromising on performance.

What is the installation and maintenance process?

Installation Process

The process of installing solar panels is typically straightforward, but it’s crucial to have this handled by professional and certified installers. Proper installation can maximize efficiency and longevity.


Minimal maintenance is required for these solar panels. Routine inspections and occasional cleaning to remove dust and debris can keep them operating at peak efficiency.

  • Self-Cleaning Coating: Many Q CELLS panels come with a coating that helps reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust, minimizing maintenance needs.

Price and Value

Cost Breakdown

The cost of Q CELLS solar panels can vary based on several factors, including the type of panel, installation complexity, and location. On average, the price range is competitive when compared to other high-efficiency solar panel brands.

  • Q.PEAK Panels: Slightly more expensive but offers the highest efficiency.
  • Q.PLUS Panels: More budget-friendly while still providing robust performance.
  • Q.MAXX Panels: Balanced between cost and efficiency, making them a versatile choice.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Investing in this brand of solar panels can be a financially sound decision due to the high efficiency, longevity, and robust warranty. Homeowners and businesses typically see ROI within 7-10 years through energy savings and potential tax incentives.

Potential Drawbacks

While these panels are generally praised, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.


They may have a higher upfront cost compared to some other brands, which could be a barrier for budget-conscious consumers. Late statements from solar organizations will be somewhere in the range of $2.80 and $2.95 per watt for establishments that incorporate Qcells panels. The national average cost and expense of solar panels is $3.00, meaning solar systems utilizing Qcells solar panels are competitive with the remainder of the market.


Depending on your location, you might face challenges in sourcing these panels, especially if working with a local installer not affiliated with them.

What are the Q cells solar panels review?

Here we have covered all consumer opinions available on different platforms:

Energy Sage user feedback:

  • Q Cells is rated 4.5/5 with 9 reviews so far on Energy Sage, many users liked the product, its quality, and its efficiency.
  • But we also received some dissatisfied comments where customers mentioned that some panels were found to be defective after installation. When it was acknowledged to the team for warranty claim the company never replaced it or addressed the problem.

Solar Quotes user feedback:

  • On the Solar Quotes website, Q Cells has received a 4.8/5 rating with over 1200 reviews. Many customers appreciated the quality of the product, with one of the many customers commenting that it has been more than a year since using the solar panels but there has been no problem to date.
  • However, we did not find many negative comments on this website. Some customers reported that the panels are not producing enough heat due to incorrect installation which is causing low efficiency.


Q CELLS solar panels offer a compelling mix of high efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a solid choice for those looking to switch to solar power. While they may require a more significant initial investment, the long-term benefits, reliable performance, and minimal maintenance needs make them worth considering. 

If you’re contemplating going solar, evaluating Q CELLS’ options might just be your best move toward a greener, more sustainable future.

“Choosing this brand means investing in a trusted brand known for innovation and quality.

Ready to make the switch? We hope you liked our Q cells solar panels review, explore your options and connect with a certified installer today. Saving on your electricity bills while contributing to the environment has never been this efficient or reliable.

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