Microsoft’s humanitarian venture: Commission for Ohio Solar Project for Neglected Communities

All the top companies globally are now joining hands with the green energy sector to promote sustainability and create a better tomorrow for future generations. Microsoft has also endeavored into the space and has had many accomplishments to show for it. The newest on the block is the Microsoft–Volt Energy Utility Environmental Justice Framework. Under this framework, the agreement for the Wheatsborough Solar project was formulated. This project is situated in Erie County Ohio. This project is spearheaded by Apex Clean Energy and will be a 125-MW project.

As stated above, Microsoft and a few big names in the industrial sector are persevering to implement green energy sources into the corporate world. In this journey, Microsoft has joined hands with Volt Energy Utility. This firm is owned and handled by a minority group. The firm specifically works towards the development and progress of the solar energy sector. The partnership between Microsoft and Volt Utility was formed to work towards the reduction of harmful emissions in the corporate world as a way of promoting and supporting environmental sustainability.

Apart from that, this partnership was also formed to raise the significant diversity initiatives to prominence. This coming together of two entities highlights the sense of togetherness and unity that exists in the industrial sector, and the combined effort to eradicate all sorts of environmental injustice. Moreover, this venture also paved the way for Microsoft to attain its goal of utilizing 100% green energy sources and eliminating all other sources of energy. Further, the company also aims to rejuvenate its energy needs while utilizing all the remaining resources for other clean energy projects.

Further shedding light on the same, the CEO of Volt Energy Utility and board chair of the Sharing the Power Foundation, Gilbert Campbell stated, “Working to bring the benefits of solar energy to Erie County in collaboration with Microsoft and Apex Clean Energy, who share a commitment to community and the environment, is vitally important to our company.” Thus, per the statements of the CEO the two companies came together due to their shared common interests of providing a better future for the whole community.

The green energy initiative and sector will also focus on the development and progress of the neglected communities. For example, the PPA is paying a lot of attention to the equal distribution of the profits generated from green energy sources. A clean energy economy is supposed to bring significant profits and an even better quality of life, focusing primarily on women and people from marginalized communities.

In this endeavor, primary focus shall be given to the creation of more jobs in the energy sector, carbon neutrality, the creation of a better habitat or reinstating the natural habitat, and recycling. Additionally, it has also been declared by the PPA that part of the profits that it generates shall also be utilized for those belonging to those rural and urban communities who have been neglected in the past. This investment shall be done in the Sharing the Power Foundation.

Similarly, the Wheatsborough project shall also be funding several grants that will aim at developing the workforce in the green sector. Additionally, a sum of $125,000 shall be allowed by the Apex Conservation Grant Program for providing green solutions for wildlife conservation and environmental protection in all forms. This will further pave the way for the protection of the natural habitat from getting destroyed. This includes the protection and preservation of the flora and fauna life. They will also take up the responsibility of funding several community projects that aim at developing the clean energy sector.

The Director of renewable energy procurement at Microsoft, Kourtney Nelson said, “As Microsoft works toward a more sustainable and equitable future, it’s exciting to see our collaboration with Volt supplying new renewable energy with an organization like Apex. As we look to meet our ambitious clean energy goals, it’s critical that we deliver benefits to under-resourced communities—and that’s what this project will do.”

This project is not only going to work for the betterment of the environment and society, after its completion and is operational, but will also make a great impact while being under construction. For example, during the construction of this project, it will most likely create more than a hundred jobs. These jobs will mostly be for those residing in Ohio.

With the work for the project being underway, it is expected to be completed by 2025. It will also be available online in the same year, during the first half.

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