Top 10 Fastest Electric Vehicle of 2024 | Price, Top speed & Range

Rimac Nevara

Nevara is the world’s fastest electric vehicle, handcrafted, designed, and engineered in Croatia. It has four motors and has unprecedented agility and control. The car is lightweight and has a rear carbon subframe and bonded carbon roof. It is a two-seated car and is limited to 150 units. It had front and rear brakes with ducted cooling. There is a side airbag with passenger and driver airbags and an integrated ABS and ESP system. The car weighs 2300 kg and is 2052m wide. Capacity is 120 kWh.

Specifications –

  • Price – $2,200,000
  • Top Speed – 412 KM/H
  • Acceleration – 0 to 100 – 1.81 seconds, 1.74 seconds for 0-60 mph.
  • Battery Capacity – 120 KWH
  • Range – 547 Km

New Tesla Roadster

Four people can be seated in this car; it has a glass roof and is lightweight. It has fast charging, and there is no charge or plug supported. Lithium-ion is its battery type that weighs 2000 kg and is 2000mm wide. Based on the charging station, the EV can be charged through a wall plug. This was Tesla’s first car, which was introduced in 2006. With one charge, it can go up to 245 miles. It is a coupe-type car and is elegant.


  • Price – $50,000 is its base price
  • Acceleration – 1.9 seconds for 0-60 mph, 3 seconds for 0-1mm mph.
  • Mile Range – 620 miles
  • Top Speed – 410 KM/H

Lotus Evija

It is a luxurious car and is light in weight. The vehicle can be driven for everyday use and has a close gap between the driver and the car. It is manufactured by Lotus Cars, and there is a limited production of this car, with only 130 units for sale. Until July 2023, cars have yet to be delivered, but the company has sold eight vehicles. The doors have butterfly style and are 2-seated. It was first revealed in 2018 and made its debut in 2021. It weighs 1887 kg.


  • Price – $2,300,000
  • Top Speed – 400KM/H
  • Acceleration – 3 seconds in 0-100 Km/h
  • Target Range – 347 km

Tesla Model S Plaid

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the world’s 4th fastest e-vehicle, with a 17” touchscreen with true colors, and you can watch movies and play games. It also has a yoke steering, meaning once you select brake, it will automatically set the vehicle in the right direction. Throughout the cabin, the air vents are hidden. 36-watt battery, wireless devices, and Bluetooth can be connected. It has a 960-watt sound system and an updated battery with the fastest acceleration. Three adults can be seated, and it has headroom and extra legroom.

Specifications –

  • Price – from $74,990 excluding fees and tax
  • Peak Power – 1020 hp
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph – 1.99 seconds, 4.3 seconds for 0-100 mph
  • Range – 359 mi
  • @155 mph – 9.23 seconds
  • Top Speed – 322 km/h

Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance

Available in four colors – Gold, Black, Red, and White, it has 21-inch wheels in a bold design. There are various features, including a 21-speaker system and a glass roof. Using the CCS plug, the car can be charged, and it takes 20 minutes, with which the vehicle can travel up to 300 miles. In 2021, the car’s production began and it weighs 2375 kg. It is a 4-seated e-vehicle.


  • Price – $169,000
  • Range – 840km
  • Acceleration – 2.5 seconds for 0-100 km/h, 2.6 seconds for 0-100 km/h
  • Top Speed – 270 km/h

Tesla Model X Plaid

It is an SUV car, which is super quick. In 2016, it was sold for the first time and has 670 horsepower. A total of 7 members can be seated in it, and it has the most enormous windshield. It is a 5-doored car with falcon doors and has a battery of 100kw/h. It has 87.8 ft of cargo space. The vehicle uses two motors.


  • Price – $50000 is its base reservation price
  • Top Speed- 260 km/h
  • Acceleration – 4.2 seconds for 0-100 mph and 2.5 seconds for 0-60 mph.
  • Range – 820 km
  • Drive – it has all-wheel drive

Tesla Model 3

Within 15 minutes, you can recharge this vehicle to travel up to 175 miles. It has a dual motor and is available in red and grey. The wheels are upgraded and have less noise. It has an 8” touchscreen, and the seats are ventilated. There are 17 speakers, and there are dual amplifiers. The UV rays are protected through its glass roof. Five people can be seated.


  • Price – $35,000
  • Top Speed – 260 km/h
  • Range – 450 km
  •  Acceleration – 4.2 seconds for 0-60 mph and 6.1 seconds for 0-100 mph.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S

The battery range is 800-volt with 19-inch wheels. Two motors are installed with long-ratio speed for the gear. It can be driven in both mud and gravel. The brake discs have a ceramic coating, and the air suspension is adaptive. A total of 4 people can be seated, weighing 2870 kgs. 83.7 kWh is the net capacity of the battery.


  • Price – $194,900
  • Acceleration – 3 seconds for 0-100 mph and 2.6 seconds for 0-60 mph
  • Top Speed – 260 km/h
  • Range – 480 km

Tesla Model S Dual Motor

This car has 7920 cells, and the charging port is on the left side. The maximum load for this vehicle is 439 kg. You can even tow hitch with this car. The roof load is up to 7 kg and is a 5-seated car. 100.0 kWh is its nominal capacity. It doesn’t have a charge supporter.


  • Price – $74,990
  • Top Speed – 250 km/h
  • Acceleration – 3.2 seconds for 0-100 mph
  • Range – 570 km

Mercedes EQS 450+

The port is located on the right side and has 432 cells. It has a plug and charge supporter. The total power of the car is 245 KW. The vehicle weighs 2480 kg, and five people can be seated. There are no roof rails, and the charging can be done at a station or through a wall plug—no support of V2H via DC.


  • Price – $104,400
  • Acceleration – 6.2 seconds for 0-100 mph and 6.5 seconds for 0-60 mph
  • Top Speed – 210km/H
  • Range – 640 km

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