Boviet Solar Panels Review | Is it best for you, know?

Boviet Solar Company has been catering to its clients since 2013, with its emergence in Vietnam in the same year. Apart from investing in several solar projects, it has also been a prime manufacturer of Monocrystalline PERC, TOPCon PV cells, Gamma Series Monofacial, etc. 

It has managed to stay in business and even excel in the field by offering the best technology and maintaining transparency with its clients. Moreover, their top-quality products are also known for their durability, strength, efficiency, etc. Such effective services and their goal of contributing to a greener world have helped them expand into other regions. You can look for further information about its product in the later section of the Boviet Solar panels review. 

Are you looking for a Boviet solar panels review? If yes, then your search ends here. We have tried our best to compile all the relevant data regarding solar panels and provide it all here in an organized manner for our readers. We will aid them in understanding the use of such panels and whether these are the best products to adopt a greener way of living. 

Boviet solar panel ranges/types 

There are two distinct types of solar panels, and both of these types, along with their varieties, have been provided below:


  • Vega Series (Bifacial/Monofacial)
  • Gamma series (Bifacial/Monofacial)


  • Vega Series (Bifacial/Monofacial)
  • Gamma Series (Bifacial/Monofacial)

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Technical Specifications

PERC Cell Panels

  • Module: Standard
  • P-type
  • Sinx anti-reflective
  • Laser contact opening
  • p+ AI local black surface
  • AIOx+SinX cap

PERC (Vega)

  • 435W-460W
  • Monocrystalline (Bifacial)
  • 120 Cells
  • Bus bar cell technology
  • Transparent back

PERC (Gamma)

  • 355W-370W
  • Monocrystalline (Monofacial)
  • Half cut cell
  • Nine bus bar cell
  • Single glass available
  • Black frame/ back sheet

TOPCON Cell (Vega)

  • 560W-580W
  • Monocrystalline (Bifacial)
  • 144 Cells
  • 16 Bus Bar Cell 
  • Double Glass
  • Silver frame


  • By using Boviet solar panels, you can access the best PERC technology through which you can access seamless solar energy. 
  • The best part about these panels is that they offer the best energy output, even with their limited space and framework.
  • PERC cells can also lead to a reduction in rear combustion.
  • It can efficiently decrease the heating up of longer wavelengths. Doing so prevents the solar panels from getting affected as well.
  • These panels are known for generating the same solar energy output as high-cost ones. In other words, installing these panels takes much less time and effort. This, in turn, saves a lot of money. 
  • These panels can supply energy to residential and commercial buildings without affecting the flow at any given moment.
  • These products use the best technology for similar products in the green energy sector and can be easily installed anywhere. In this Boviet solar panels review, we have enlisted a few advantages, but there are many more. 


  • Although the website provides information regarding the different varieties of solar panels, more details about TOPCON Cell is needed. 
  • A few products have yet to be launched on the market. 
  • The technical specifications provided above in this Boviet solar panels review have similar information, although the models vary. 

What are the Boviet solar panels review? 

We tried looking for reviews from trustworthy customers and clients on different platforms, such as the social media links of the website, public discussion forums, etc, but could not find any reviews. Also, there is no such feedback from their clients on the website. 

Finally, we looked for third-party websites that could shed light on its efficiency and found a few. Some do not offer trustworthy materials to provide and have cited false data. However, others have tried to provide materials that could add information, and they have stated it as an authentic source that has catered to the solar energy requirements in Vietnam and other areas where it is available. 

Are Boviet solar panels the best?

Although we could not find any ratings or reviews for the same, the third-party websites have referred to it as one of the trustworthy products available in the green energy market. Even though there are some top contenders as well, the solar panels of the said company have managed to give them a tough time by being efficient and cost-effective.


Hence, after a thorough analysis of Boviet solar panels and analyzing all the details, it is evident that the product is authentic. Those who wish to venture into the green sector can choose it for solar panel installation at their workplace or home. We hope our review was helpful, and we await your comments in the comments section below. 

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