Vision Solar Reviews | Company is wrapped?

We have found many negative Vision Solar reviews given by the customers, as of now the company is not governing, although we have gathered some information that you need to know.

As the world is moving towards a sustainable and ecological approach, solar energy has become more accessible and approachable. This is to inform you about the company, a US-based startup that aims to provide renewable energy to residents nationwide.

Let us learn more about this company and their reviews regarding solar installation and maintenance.

What is Vision Solar?

As a result of global warming and economic constraints, people are determined to change how they consume energy and switch to solar power. Vision Solar is a US-based corporation founded in 2018 in Blackwood, New Jersey. It aims to reduce the ecological damage and the emission of carbon fuels and other greenhouse gases by promoting solar panels in households worldwide.

The corporation offers various services such as installation, maintenance, operations, and monitoring of solar panels to produce energy efficiently. It also customizes the installation of solar panels according to the preferences of the customers.


  • Name of the company: Vision Solar
  • Incorporation year: 2018
  • Place of incorporation: Blackwood, New Jersey
  • Services: Installation, Monitoring, and Maintenance of Solar Panels
  • Phone: 888-781-7074
  • Area of specialization: Residential Solar
  • Revenue: $200 million


  • Customization of installation of solar panels
  • Efficiency of solar panels
  • Residential Solar Setup


  • Poor Customer Service
  • High Installation Charges
  • Poor Solar Maintenance

Should you go for Vision Solar?

The corporation has established itself by installing solar panels nationwide at residential complexes to promote sustainability goals. It also enables customers to afford solar and save their finances.

According to a survey by Solar Power World, the company has installed more than 44048 KW of solar energy in the year 2021. It has established a total of 72421 KW of solar energy since it was founded. Solar panels have been installed in various states and territories, such as Florida, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The

However, according to reports, the company has been shut down in 2023 and is not continuing its operations.

What are the Vision Solar Reviews by the customers?

  • The company has seen rapid growth since its establishment. Initially, the corporation had positive reviews from the customers about how it enabled customization as per the preferences of customers.
  • The clients were satisfied with the company’s installation and maintenance of the solar panels and how the company aimed at saving the environment by opting towards sustainability. However, as years passed, the customers were not satisfied with the management and operations of the company.
  • We have found many Vision Solar Reviews negative feedback on poor customer service and relationships. The clients have been dissatisfied with the sudden shutting down of the company.
  • They have also claimed that the company does not offer excellent quality products, leading to leakage and breakage of solar panels. It has also been observed by the customers that their installation and maintenance services were not up to the mark for the price they charged.
  • The finances charged by the company for basic installation were exorbitant. Prices were set baselessly for basic installation and maintenance. It was observed that the company’s solar panels did not produce enough electricity, i.e., their operations were inefficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Vision Solar?

Jonathan Seibert is the founder and CEO of the company.

When was Vision Solar started?

The company was founded in 2018 in New Jersey by Jonathan Seibert.

Which is the best solar company?

Tata Solar Power ranks number 1 in India as the best solar company due to its efficiency, high-quality products, and experience in this field.

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