Flows being hampered in India: The China Stimulus

One of the most reputed figures in the business market, Andrew Holland recently stated that investing in renewable energy and defense should be the primary goal for India now. In the following interview, he even shared how China can have a deep impact upon the rising flow in the Indian market.

Upon being asked about his views on the future of the Indian equity market and the Chinese influence he said, “If they implement a substantial stimulus, restoring confidence in the property sector, China’s market becomes highly attractive. Then there might be a significant shift in capital flows from emerging markets to China.” Additionally, he states that with the ongoing global turmoils, the markets will try to change their course and rectify themselves.

After further being questioned about his vision of 2024, he explained how rampant changes shall occur in the defense and renewable sectors. In other words, he added that both these sectors shall be the recipient of huge Investments as a way of promoting it. According to him, several other sectors will emerge. However, a few of them, one of which is the renewable sector will flourish. He feels that there is a lot of potential that is still untouched. Per his views, in 2024 there will be further explorations and discoveries in the field.

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