Sending Solar Modules to Several Parts of USA: A Gift from Texas

Texas authorities have been trying their best to work towards green initiatives and save oil and gas. However, after numerous failed attempts they are now establishing a mega factory. Their goal is to produce as many as 5 gigawatts of solar modules, every year. As solar modules are significant in creating solar panels, they can facilitate a large production for the same.

This company, namely the Brookshire plant, is all set to be the first, if not the last, of its kind. One of the most interesting parts about this plant is that it was established by an Indian solar firm, Waaree Energies. Warree has been setting trends in the production of solar modules and is also known to be one of the leading providers in this department. They produce a whopping 12 GW of solar modules per year.

The goal for Brooklyn Plant is to set the factory running by year-end. They are also targeting a 5 GW production by 2027. Although it seems like an unattainable step for the firm, it has already started working towards its goal. It is also an integral step for the Texas solar manufacturing sector. Although several such firms produce devices that promote green energy sources, this would be the first of its kind and will even be distributed all over the United States.

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