A New addition in the US renewable sector: ERG’s newest venture

ERG has taken a new step towards a greener initiative that has made it the talk of the town. It has recently collaborated with Apex Clean Energy Holdings LLC. Apex Clean is one of the dominant forces in the renewable sector of the United States. The aim of this company y is to establish agreements with similar firms that can facilitate the vision of creating greener energy sources.

The firm has already created several functional wind and solar energy sources and is currently aiming to expand them. For ERG, this is the first ever step that it took on an international market. Their collaboration is aimed at establishing solar and offshore wind projects that can hold a capacity of 1GW. A majority of the shares, almost 75%, shall be owned by ERG while Apex will have 25% shares in the agreement.

Talking about the partnership, the CEO of ERG, Paolo Merli stated: ” We proudly announce the entry of ERG in the US renewable market. , a unique opportunity to continue growing our project portfolio and, increasing geographical and technological diversification, with the acquisition of best-in-class operational assets and significant growth prospects through a cooperation agreement for about 1 GW under development. We have had the opportunity to appreciate Apex’s seriousness, know-how and excellent track record. We expect to present our strategy and growth targets in the US to the financial community in 1H24 with the 2024 – 2028 industrial plan.”

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