QLD Solar and Lighting and Electrical | 30 years warranty

If you want to know how to install QLD Solar and Lighting and Electrical, you are at the right place. We have you covered everything you need to know about the company. If you are in Queensland, you are making the right choice, as this company will provide you with the best services.

The company provides its services in five different places. The readers will get to know about the various products they have and the pros and cons of this company, along with the reviews that the users give. By the end of the article, the users can decide how to save their money, so let us get started.

What is QLD Solar and Lighting and Electrical?

The residents of Queensland can get solar systems installed at their places with the company’s aid, which also provides its services in places like Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Ipswich. All you have to do is contact the company and choose the type of panel you prefer.

Apart from installing their products, they also have a blog on their webpage that gives you updates on news related to solar energy. You can check their prices by clicking on the Solar System Prices, and they also have a commercial solar system where you can check their products. Let us see more details about their site and items.

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Types of products

The items sold in QLD Solar and Lighting and Electrical are given as follows – 

  • JA Solar Panel – It is a tier 1, deep blue 3.0 version solar panel, costing around $5000 to $30000.
  • Jinko Solar Packages – the starting price for this package is $6250, and currently, the item is in stock.
  • N-type solar panel – this product has a 30-year warranty, and you can choose the size.
  • Rec Alpha solar system – if you want a product with more energy, this is the right item for you and has good durability.
  • Sun Tech Mini Panel – this is a budget-friendly product and has been in Australia for demand for ten years.
  • Trina Vertex – under this, you can have two types based on the watts.


  • Contact Details – 0411348400; the contact details of the Brisbane office are also mentioned on the site.
  • Email ID – sales@queenslandsolarandlighting.com
  • Areas of Service – they are active in 5 different areas, including Toowoomba.
  • Chat option – you can directly chat with the team by clicking on the pop-up on the right side.
  • Quote – users can get a quote free of cost by filling in the required details.
  • Solar System Prices – by clicking on this option, you can check the prices of the installers.
  • Solar News – it is a blog where you can read different articles about energy conservation.
  • Founded – Daniel is the owner of the company, and it was founded in 2012.
  • Packages – there are seven different packages available. Read other benefits and drawbacks of QLD Solar and Lighting and Electrical below.


  • There are different types of items available, and the customers can even choose the size and the type of inverter.
  • The buyers can also check packages.
  • You can get a free quote by filling in the requisite details.
  • There is an option for review where the customers can check about the panels and inverters.


  • The price increases with the increase in the watts.
  • The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy aren’t mentioned on their website.

What are the QLD Solar and lighting and electrical reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • It’s the best quality and price, which is what one of the buyers reviewed on Google and gave five stars.
  • The owner was beneficial, and they are happy with their purchase, is what another user stated.
  • It is worth recommending to others, and we are satisfied with another review given on Google.
  • A buyer liked his inverted, and it has been working properly, is what he reviewed.
  • The size-choosing option is unique, and another review was given online.

Negative Reviews

  • One of the customers stated that he had a terrible experience.
  • Another buyer didn’t appreciate the customer service.
  • The product was not up to mark, is what another reviewer said.

Is it worth getting solar in QLD?

Being a top-rated company on Google, it has satisfied most customers, getting 4.9 stars out of 5. The company delivers and installs its products, and Daniel, the owner himself, deals with the customers.

He was also helpful and made videos on YouTube, and it is a legit and well-known company in Australia. Hence, it is worth getting solar from QLD.


We hope the readers gain valuable insights about QLD Solar and Lighting and Electrical and that it is a well-known company with many happy buyers. It has been providing its services for almost ten years, allowing buyers to choose the inverter size.

Hence, it is your time to choose the panel you like, and we hope you like our article; please don’t forget to rate us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which energy company is best for solar in QLD?

Alinta energy

What is the Queensland solar scheme?

It is a scheme where the government pays the customers and households for electricity that they generate in surplus.

What is the solar rebate for QLD 2023?

According to the project, the rebate is AU$ 0.13441 per kilowatt.

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