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Namaste Solar is a company that has been incorporated with the aim of producing electricity through solar energy and focuses on environmental responsibility and social responsibility. It was established in 2005 in Boulder, Colorado. Currently, Namaste Solar consists of approximately 69 members who have been divided into commercial, residential, and internal support teams. The company aims to install solar panels in residential and commercial areas.

The company has 18 years of experience with more than 12000 installations and 180 MW of solar. Namaste Solar is recognized for producing electricity using solar energy. They claim that their solar panels have an efficiency of 22%, which can also reach an efficiency of 30% or more.

Their solar panels produce 20 Watts per square foot of energy, enabling them to produce more electricity through their panels compared to other companies. The company has become popular, gained recognition for its unique structure, and has been categorized as democratic and employee-owned.

The company practices sustainability and aims to protect the ecological system by supporting solar electricity. As a renowned company in solar PV technology, Namaste Solar offers innovative and customer-focused solar energy solutions. They offer various solar services such as installation, consultancy, design, maintenance, operations, etc.  

Types of Services

Namaste Solar provides various services such as:

  • Home Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Electrification
  • Design and Consulting
  • Operation and Maintenance


  • Purpose: To provide customers with the best quality solar installations and prompt customers to invest money smartly.
  • Contact Number: Customers can contact Namaste Solar through their contact number 303.447.0300
  • Email ID: The company does not have an official Email ID. However, emails can be sent to the employees of Namaste Solar.
  • Address: The company operates from two offices in Boulder, Colorado, which is mentioned on their official website.
  • Social Media: Namaste Solar regularly updates its social media handles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and its official website.

Who owns Namaste Solar?  

Namaste Solar was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 2005 by Blake Jones, Ray Tuomey, and Wes Kennedy. However, in 2011, the Corporation was named democratic and employed owned and is a certified B Corporation. The company is governed by its employees and consists of approximately 69 employees. The company follows strict ecological and social responsibility norms, accountability, and transparency.

Namaste Solar Colorado  

Namaste Solar established itself in the solar industry in 2005 and has been transforming. It aims to design, develop, install, maintain, and build solar projects. It installs solar panels in two departments, i.e., home solar and commercial solar. They are named Colorado Solar Experts that help households and businesses save their finances and achieve sustainability.

Their projects aim to maximize the savings of households and industries. Namaste Solar’s aim and objective is to enable Colorado’s citizens to invest smart and save their finances. It also aims to make a difference in the ecological system by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and various other harmful gasses.

The installation charges of the Namaste Solar panels cost around $14000-$35000, including federal tax credit. The company also offers installations with minimal expenses, such as $0 financing options. The Corporation also provides home electrification services such as heat pumps, EV charges, and battery backups.  

What are the Namaste Solar reviews?

Namaste Solar customers have been identified as happy customers as the company offers excellent customer service and quick responses to customers. The customers have been delighted by the services provided by the company, and the customers have been categorized as happy Coloradans. The customers have given positive reviews on the Namaste Solar official website.

The company has been identified as highly professional and ranked top in Colorado’s solar installations. Customers have noted that the company strictly follows ecological and sustainability norms and gives top priority to the safety standards of solar installations.

Which is India’s No.1 Solar Company?

Tata Power Solar has topped the list of India’s best solar companies. It provides services and manufactures solar panels, solar cells, solar modules, EPC services for solar projects, and various other solar services. The company is ranked number 1 in the country as the solar panels require minimum maintenance and save up to 50% of electricity compared to other companies.

What is the best brand of solar panels?

According to a survey by Solar Square, TATA Solar produces the best and highest quality solar panels in India.

What is the best solar company?

As per a survey conducted by, TATA Power Solar is the best company in India to produce the best quality residential and industrial solar products. The company also ranks as the largest manufacturer of solar products in India. It is ranked as the best company in India due to its 30 years of experience in the solar industry.

The company’s solar panels also offer 25 years of warranty and aftersales support. The company also provides various other services such as insurance, easy financing options, lifetime service and maintenance, and the best product quality. Apart from this, Vikram Solar, Adani Solar, and Waaree Aditya Solar Series are other companies that provide good-quality solar panels in India.

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