Declining Coal Trend: Future Predictions for 2026

The future of green energy is about to change for good. It has been predicted by the International Energy Agency (IEA)  in its annual report that the use of coal will decrease by 2026. This estimation is based on the fact that the renewable sector is rapidly growing and accommodating new facilities for the development of green technologies. This news is the first of its kind as the estimation hints towards an environmentally conscious future.

Almost 40% of carbon dioxide is produced from the use of coals, while the remaining is divided between oil and gas and other such elements. With the demand for energy supply increasing in 2023 by mainly populated countries, the demand for coal also increased. However, some countries depend upon natural gas and oil for energy generation.

However with the increasing demand and need to establish green initiatives, countries are now incorporating changes and focusing on renewable sectors for energy generation. Almost half of the renewable energy is set to be produced by China. The IEA further stated, “The use of unabated coal would need to fall significantly faster to drive down emissions at a rate consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

Keisuke Sadamori, IEA Director of Energy Markets and Security stated while shedding light on the positive declining trend in coal demand, “We have seen declines in global coal demand a few times, but they were brief and caused by extraordinary events such as the collapse of the Soviet Union or the Covid-19 crisis. This time appears different, as the decline is more structural, driven by the formidable and sustained expansion of clean energy technologies.

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