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There are many largest solar installers in the US but which is best for you, we have detailed each of them with the service they provide all over the United States.

Largest solar installers in the US


  • Focus: Sunrun primarily works in residential solar installations and is among the biggest residential solar organizations in the US.
  • Services: The organization offers solar board installation, supporting options, renting, and power buy arrangements (PPAs) to mortgage holders.
  • Approach: Sunrun gives customized solar solutions in light of individual energy needs, planning to make solar energy more open and reasonable for property holders.
  • Innovation: They use different solar board advancements and deal options for battery storage, like the Sunrun Brightbox, to store an overabundance of energy for some time in the future.


  • Residential Installations: They mainly focus on residential solar installations. They evaluate a property holder’s energy needs and introduce solar panels on housetops or open spaces to produce power.
  • Customized Solutions: Offers customized solutions, including different solar board advancements and supporting options like rents, credits, and power buy arrangements (PPAs).
  • Battery Storage: Additionally, Sunrun gives battery storage solutions like the Sunrun Brightbox, which permits mortgage holders to store an abundance of solar energy for use during top demand times or in the event of blackouts.

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  • Acquisition: Tesla obtained SolarCity, coordinating its solar board products with Tesla’s energy storage solutions.
  • Products: Tesla offers solar panels, solar roofs (Solar Glass Rooftop), and energy storage solutions like the Powerwall for residential and business use.
  • Integration: The organization focuses on joining solar power with their electric vehicle and home energy products for a completely supportable energy environment.


  • Solar Panels and Solar Roofs: Tesla gives solar panels and solar roofs (Solar Glass Rooftops), coordinating solar innovation into roofing materials. These installations hold back nothing while at the same time saddling solar energy.
  • Energy Storage: Tesla offers the Powerwall, a home battery item that stores an overabundance of energy produced by solar panels for some time in the future, diminishing dependence on the lattice.

SunPower Corporation:

  • High-Proficiency Panels: SunPower is known for its high-productivity solar panels, using Maxeon cell innovation to create more power in less space contrasted with conventional solar panels.
  • Offerings: They give solar solutions to both residential and business clients, holding back nothing elite execution solar frameworks.
  • Focus on Sustainability: SunPower focuses on feasible energy solutions, planning to decrease carbon impressions and dependence on traditional energy sources.


  • High-Effectiveness Panels: SunPower introduces high-productivity solar panels utilizing Maxeon cell innovation. These panels plan to create greater power in less space, contrasted with conventional panels.
  • Residential and Business Installations: SunPower takes care of both residential and business clients, offering custom-fitted solar solutions given explicit energy needs.

Vivint Solar:

  • Residential Focus: Vivint Solar has some expertise in giving residential solar solutions.
  • Customization: They offer customized solar energy frameworks intended to fit individual mortgage holders’ needs.
  • Renting and Supporting: Vivint Solar gives different funding options, including renting arrangements and power buy arrangements, to make solar installations more available.


  • Residential Focus: Vivint Solar has some expertise in introducing solar energy frameworks for homes, altering solutions in light of family energy consumption and space accessibility.
  • Supporting Options: They offer different funding options, including leases and advances, making solar installations more available to property holders.


  • Residential Solutions: Sunnova offers solar and energy storage solutions principally for residential clients across a few states in the US.
  • Renting and Supporting: Like other solar organizations, Sunnova gives renting and funding options to property holders hoping to take on solar energy.


  • Residential Solar Solutions: Sunnova gives solar and energy storage solutions for residential clients across numerous states in the US.
  • Customized Bundles: They offer customized solar bundles and supporting options custom-made to individual mortgage holder necessities.


  • Solar and Material Services: PetersenDean focuses on both solar installations and material services for residential properties.
  • Integration: They give coordinated material and solar solutions, offering a combination of material and solar installations for property holders.


  • Coordinated Material and Solar Solutions: PetersenDean joins material and solar installations, offering incorporated services for residential properties. They introduce solar panels as a component of material services or as stand-alone solar installations.

First Solar:

  • Utility-Scale Undertakings: First Solar represents considerable authority in utility-scale solar ventures, focusing on huge-scope solar installations for business and utility clients.
  • Slender Film Innovation: They are known for their cadmium telluride (CdTe) flimsy film solar panels, offering savvy and effective solar energy solutions.

Canadian Solar:

  • Worldwide Reach: Canadian Solar works overall and is one of the biggest solar board makers. They give solar solutions to residential, business, and utility-scale projects.
  • Different Item Portfolio: They offer a wide range of solar panels, inverters, and energy storage solutions for different applications.

RGS Energy (Real Goods Solar):

  • Residential and Little Business Installations: RGS Energy focuses on residential and little business solar installations.
  • History in Solar Industry: Being one of the early solar organizations, RGS Energy has insight into solar framework plans, installation, and support.


  • Solar Analyzers and Inverters: SolarEdge has practical experience in assembling solar power streamlining agents and inverters that improve the presentation of solar board frameworks.
  • Monitoring and Savvy Energy Solutions: Their innovation takes into consideration better monitoring and control of solar energy production, advancing more effective energy use.

Sunrun and Vivint Solar Merger:

  • Merger Effect: Sunrun finished the acquisition of Vivint Solar in 2021, making it one of the biggest residential solar and energy storage organizations in the US.
  • Expanded Market Come to: The merger planned to join assets and skills to expand market reach and give a more extensive scope of solar and energy solutions for mortgage holders.

Enphase Energy:

  • Microinverter Innovation: Enphase Energy focuses on microinverter innovation, which converts direct flow (DC) power from each solar board into rotating current (AC) utilized in homes.
  • Monitoring and The board: Their frameworks offer high-level monitoring and the executive’s capacities for solar energy frameworks, upgrading energy production and productivity.


Hence, all the companies that are providing solar installations and solutions are giving their best to perform. The list is randomly placed. Do check the user reviews for more clarity.

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