ADT Solar Energy Company in Dalla, Texas

Solar Panels, a component of the photovoltaic system, are carved out of a series of PV cells arranged together to generate electricity using renewable energy sources, i.e., the sun. There is a considerable change in the market as buyers are shifting from traditional electricity to electricity generated through solar panels.

As a result, there is heavy competition between the solar companies in the market. ADT Solar Energy Company is one of the USA’s best and most reputable solar firms. Its primary objective is to empower individuals and their homes. This article will compile and display details about the business, including its features, benefits, and client reviews.

About ADT Solar Energy Company

ADT has been in this market for 149 years, and with its long-standing experience, it has protected millions of homes by providing home security. The company has the same zeal, knowledge, and resources to provide solar energy to save homes. 

The company’s main objective is to enhance lives and the world through innovation in solar. It claims to provide top-grade and long-lasting products at reasonable prices. ADT is among the top 5 home solar firms in the US and has one of the quickest growth rates among solar companies. Offering battery storage and energy independence with the best guarantees is something the firm is enthusiastic about.

Services offered by ADT

The business offers installation services for solar panels and solar batteries. In addition to these two, it provides roofing services that support the simultaneous installation of solar panels and a new roof.

Company Profile

NameADT Solar Energy Company
Founding year2008
LocationLa Mesa, USA
Works of ADT SolarIt provides high-end solar energy services in the residential sector at low costs and strong warranties to decrease the harmful environmental effects.
Market segment The company serves in the business-to-customer space.
Business modelsEnergy techHigh tech
FundsNot funded yet
Market AvailabilityThe company is currently serving 23 states in the USA.
CompetitorsThe company’s top three competitors are: Pika EnergyMoixaSimpliPhi Power

The solar installation process of ADT

ADT has a straightforward process of installing solar, making it easier for the customers to understand. There are three primary steps:

  • The first step involves evaluating the home and analyzing whether it is suitable for installing solar panels. Thus, it consists of checking the house’s roof and design and recommending whether solar panels are appropriate.
  • The second step involves designing a custom-made solar panel for the customer’s home, provided the installation is approved.
  • Finally, after getting permission from the utility provider, the customer can start using the product.


  • The most significant benefit of purchasing from the corporation is its long-standing performance and quality warranty for all its solar products.
  • The firm tries to be ready to help customers any time of the day.
  • The company is open to making its ESG reporting and sustainability practices available to the public.


  • The firm still needs to provide audits for installing electric car chargers.
  • It has been observed that customers need help reaching the company’s customer service department.

Customer reviews of ADT Solar Energy

  • The client was happy and satisfied with the purchase and amenities he got from the company. 
  • Customers were unhappy as getting a chance to interact with the company was more challenging than purchasing a solar unit.
  • A customer stated, “Truly a fantastic experience. The team installing the product was organized, thorough, and quick; ADT Solar performed well.
  • Happy with the company’s services, a purchaser commented, “Experience was great, and the company’s sales process is top-notch.”
  • Many reviewed that the company took a long time to install the solar panels.
  • A purchaser satisfied with the interaction with the company stated, “The ADT Solar has earned his highest recommendation.”


Out of five stars, the firm has a rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars. The business indeed has certain shortcomings, but if they are fixed, it has the potential to be the greatest in its field. Positive and inadequate evaluations of the firm may be found, just like a coin has two sides.

The advantages, nevertheless, exceed the drawbacks. Customers can thus choose to have solar panels and batteries installed by ADT Solar.

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