Arise Solar | Reviews, 25 year warranty, best in Australia?

If you are in Australia, you must have heard about Arise Solar, a power-supplying company. We all like to save, and we also love to have the latest technology, whether in the form of products or items. But if you are worried about the rising bill, you have the solution.

By installing their items, you can save your money, and even customer service is promising. Let us see about this company, the various items sold at their company, and the reviews the users gave, which will help us better understand the company, so let us begin.

What is Arise Solar?

Suppose you own a business or are worried about your electrical appliances consuming too much energy. In that case, it is time to book a consultant from this company who will give you solar items that will help you save your money. 

Arise Solar is offering 25 years of warranty on solar panels, and all the buyers have to do is let the company analyze the bills, after which they can select a product along with the design. The company will take up from there and will help you install their devices.

Types of Products

  • Solar System – by clicking on the residential solar, you can find solar systems of different watts based on your need; you can choose by selecting that option.
  • Hybrid Solar – you can charge your batteries if there is excess consumption of the energy. Buyers can even utilize the connected batteries.
  • Smart EV Charger – this is one of their newest product, and with the help of this, you can charge your vehicle.
  • Commercial Solar – if you have any commercial establishment looking for a solar installation based on the KW, you can select the product.

Apart from the products mentioned above, they even provide services, including cleaning and maintaining the items.


  • Contact Details – you can dial 1300274737, or you can even request to get a call that is convenient for you.
  • Email ID –
  • Address – the company has various offices at four different places in Australia, and the details of the same are given on their website.
  • Social Media – you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Complaints Handling policy –customers can make a complaint by clicking on this policy, and the procedure is given on the webpage.
  • Online Ticket System – clicking on the support option lets you make a complaint using a ticket.
  • Request a Quote – within 48 hours, you can get your proposal by submitting a quote.

What are the Arise Solar reviews and complaints?

Positive reviews

  • One of the buyers gave five stars to the company, liked their service, and said he was very happy.
  • Another user rated similarly and said the team supported her in setting up the app.
  • A buyer was satisfied with the customer service and said he would even recommend it to his friends.
  • An issue was faced in their app, but it was resolved within some time, as another customer stated.
  • The money paid on the bill has been reduced, and the installation was set up properly, which another buyer reviewed.


  • Another customer said a technician was allotted but didn’t turn up, and he gave the company one star.
  • Installation problems were faced, which the company failed to detect in one of the buyers’ houses.
  • One customer stated that his issue had not been resolved for five weeks.
  • A user’s system faced issues; though the team attended, they couldn’t solve it.
  • A customer was seeking a replacement, but the company delivered the inverter to the wrong address, which is what another buyer said.

Axis Solar Prices

  • If you are interested in buying a battery with 5KWh, then the price is between $5000 to $8000.
  • The X1-Hybrid Series will cost you from $1900.
  • The AC series in Solax X1 – begins from $2400.
  • The next series will require you to pay $5500.

Who owns Arise Solar?

Arise Solar was founded in 2017 and is known for being the leading solar dealer. The company is 100% owned by Australia, with Glenn as its CEO. Apart from providing services, the company also installs its products fast. They also have an EV charger, a unique item, and other products to help buyers save excess energy. The company even got more than four stars on various rating sites, such as Product Review, where it got 4.6 stars.

Is Arise Solar and sunboost the same company?

According to our research, both companies are not the same. While the former company is completely Australian-owned, the latter, Sunboost, is owned by National Solar Energy Group. The brand name is Bell Solar. While online articles state that both have ties and are the same, they are different companies, though their business is the same and both are operating from Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on Arise Solar workmanship?

It is five years for both the workmanship and installation.

Who is the CEO of Arise Solar Australia?

Glenn Siemens is the CEO.

Which company is best for solar systems?

ADT Solar is the best for the solar system

Who is the best solar panel company in Australia?

Longi Solar is the best company for solar panels in Australia.

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