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Started during the 1970s, SunPower Solar Company was co-founded by Dr. Swanson. If the readers want to save their bills, this company will help you and promise you a warranty of 25 years. There has been an increasing demand for sun energy to create a sustainable planet.

The company’s co-founder was also given grants by institutes to support his mission of dealing with the oil crisis. For all those interested, this article is a guide that will provide you with insights about the company, the various products, the benefits and drawbacks, and the reviews, so let us begin.

What is SunPower Solar Company?

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, this United States-based company helps its customers with solutions to preserve solar energy. They have an experience of over 40 years. There were more than 1000 patents that this company received for their innovation.

You can install your product at home by clicking on the “get started” option on their website, providing all the essential details concerning your house. Bills can also be paid through their site. You can find out how much you can save on power by completing a form.

Types of Products

  • Solar Power Calculator – with the help of this, the customers can find out how many bills will be reduced by installing their solutions.
  • Home Solar Systems – providing 25 years of warranty, this product is also known as the Equinox and can be installed in a way that will remove hardware that is not required.
  • Solar Battery – when there is a power cut, your simple solution is to install this item, which is handy and can act as a dependable backup.
  • Solar Panels – built with an extra layer on the back side, the lights of the sun will be easily reflected with the help of this item.

Before we find out more about SunPower Solar Company, let us see other details about their webpage.


  • Contact Details – 1-800-786-7693 The users can find the contact details, along with the address, based on the locations.
  • Email ID –,
  • Social Media – Instagram, YouTube, X, LinkedIn, Facebook.
  • Blog – you can read various articles, and there are 340 blogs; readers can even find the archives in this section.
  • Dealers – the procedure for becoming a dealer with the company is explained on their site, and you need to fill out the details asked on the webpage.
  • My SunPower – customers can track their progress and sign the documents through this option.
  • Careers – there are various videos that the users can check to see how the work is at their company; you can even find careers and become an installer.
  • Investors – interested users can even become investors, and all the relevant information, like the annual reports and presentations, can be viewed by clicking on this section.


  • If you choose this company, you can easily get updates about your installation process.
  • Customers can even find out how much they can save just by filling out their forms online.
  • Their services are available throughout the U.S.
  • One of their items – the panel is built in a way that looks good and can absorb the rays efficiently.
  • All your doubts can be resolved by contacting them or through the FAQ they provided on their site.
  • Users can even control how much battery is to be used.


  • At times, there can be a delay for as long as two hours to get the latest data on your mobile.
  • Installing the items can be expensive.
  • The service provided might vary based on the dealers.

What are the SunPower Solar Company Reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • A customer gave four stars and explained how the workers explained everything in detail.
  • The electricity bill was saved using their items, as another user stated.
  • The installation procedure was seamless, according to another person who used them.
  • It took very little time to set up everything, and the user had to call the company.
  • Another buyer found the techs to be very helpful.

Negative Reviews

  • A user didn’t like customer service, and he gave only one star.
  • Despite requesting a service visit, another buyer stated that the company never visited.
  • The solar panel of a customer wasn’t working properly, which caused his bill to increase.
  • The panels installed by one of the users weren’t functioning properly.
  • Another buyer got a faulty battery.
Wirt L.
Renee walked me through signing into my SunPower account. I am now seeing my power going onto the grid again ! I really appreciate her help, and wish her...
George V.
Warren was great, he Explained to me what was done and what he needed to do to get system online. Original installer did half the work and left a mess, I...
Travis W.
I just bought a new home in Santee and I met my SunPower tech Warren Grennan when he was doing maintenance on my neighbor's home. I asked him for some...


As we come to the end of this article on SunPower Solar Company, we hope the users gained useful insights. According to Forbes, it got 4.7 stars out of 5; on Consumer Affairs, it received 4.2 stars. According to our research, the company’s overall rating is good, and the users can rely on them.

So, if you want to save some money, it’s time to install your device soon. We hope you liked our article, so please don’t forget to rate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SunPower Solar a good company?

Yes, it is a reliable company, and according to the reviews given by its users, you can use their services.

Who owns SunPower Solar?

Total Energies owns the company.

Who is the CEO of this company?

Peter Faricy, who was appointed in 2021.

Is SunPower available in India?

Yes, you can buy their products in India.

SunPower solar panel price?

It starts from $2.65 per watt.

SunPower 400-watt solar panel price?

It starts from $84. 

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