What are the 6 Largest Energy Companies in the UK? 2024

What are the 6 Largest energy companies in the UK? There is so much information about why solar energy is so important to achieve a sustainable power source and atmosphere free from greenhouse emissions. We are sure our readers must be looking forward to knowing the top companies that acquire the largest market in these fields. 

Here, we have gathered a little information about 6 Largest energy companies in the UK from different sources, which are listed below with their contact details:

ContourGlobal plc

ContourGlobal plc: this is a growing business in different fields of fuels and geographies. The company was incorporated in the year 2005.

Over the years, the company has accumulated adequate employees who have matched the best standards in the operational sector. It is established in more than 15 countries with megawatts of 6,311 and over four continents. 

The companies are primarily focused on the underserved markets. The company’s objective mainly concerns Hydro, biogas, solar, and wind. The detailed revenue generated by this company is $2.152 billion in the year 2021. 

Contact details 

  • Address: 55 Baker Street, W1U 8EW, 5th Floor London 
  • Email: Contourglobal@brunswickgroup.com
  • Call: +4402074045959

National Grid Plc

National Grid Plc: This company’s head office is in London and England. They assure the customers that energy will be delivered safely. 

The company mainly focuses on creating innovations that serve all the purposes of daily life and creating a broader electricity network. The website description shows that AI and robotic dogs are available to make them more resilient and safer. 

The company’s primary focus is to create electricity that leaves no carbon dioxide and look after the factors where necessary steps are required to be given and a decarbonized power system. The company is on the path to removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere by 2050. 

Contact details:

  • Address: London, 1-3 Strand WC2N 5EH
  • Call: +44(02)2070043000

Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy: This was founded in 2009, and its main focus was to lessen electricity use. Since then, it has had a significant market share, including Spark Energy. Their share top spiked in 2018 when they jumped to 5 million customers. 

The goal of the company is the “path to zero.” It discusses their plan to reach zero pollution, the greenhouse effect, and breathe better air to achieve a better future. They are kneeling, helping households with their smart devices designed by experts that will directly reduce their electricity bills. The company believes every child is entitled to access nature, and the planet should be protected. 

Because of this, the company has initiated many charitable events. All the money received from the customer will go toward achieving the company’s goal shortly. 

Contact details

  • Address: BN119RG, OVO energy services 
  • Call: 0330 303 5063
  • hello@ovoenergy.com

E.ON Group

E.ON Group: This company has acquired 48 million customers over the years and is one of the largest European energy companies. The company’s workers believe in delivering everything they promise through their campaign, including significantly reducing CO2 emissions and a better atmosphere. 

The company’s CEO has promised the company would be more digitally accessible shortly. They keep their priority straight and focus on achieving the best for their customers by designing the projects as per the customer’s requirements. The company has grown all over the UK in the past few years by taking necessary steps in order to save trees by planting them everywhere in huge numbers. 

Contact details

  • Address: Westwood Business Park, EEISL
  •  Call: 03309128100

British Gas

British Gas: This company is focused on providing sustainable energy sources to more than 8 million homes in the UK. The company focuses on eradicating climate change and saving nature for a better future by 2050.

They had taken the necessary steps to fulfill their goal by launching $100m support to those who need these gases more. Their website also introduces frequent sales. 6,50p experts are nationwide available to help and advise seven days a week and provide door service assistance. 

Their mission is to create a greener future, and they are preparing themselves through futuristic technology. They manufacture devices like home insulation, heat pumps, smart meters, and EV charging. 

Contact details: 

  • Live chat: available on the website
  • Address: Berkshire SL4 5GD, Millstream, Maidenhead Road

EDF Energy

EDF Energy: The company makes intelligent meters, boilers and heating, electric cars, solar panels, and many more. They provide online assistance to their customers 24/7 and provide zero-hassle installations. They focus on providing less costly energy sources that keep your home warm. Their panels are cheaper in the market, and customers save up to $565 annually. They have over 30 wind farms, including two offshore farms. They generate electricity to power the nation and create a balanced energy mixture.

Contact details:

  • Address: 25 Angel Crescent, Units 18 – 19 Angel Place Shopping Centre, 
  • Call: 800111999

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