Used solar equipment in US | Safe to use, Where to buy?

Are you looking for used solar equipment? So, you’ve been flirting with jumping onto the solar energy bandwagon, right? But the upfront costs are giving you the jitters. 

What if I told you there’s a way to save the planet and save some cash? Enter the world of used solar equipment. Think of it as thrifting, but instead of vintage jeans, you’re scoring deals on something that powers your home with sunshine. Let’s dive into this sunny opportunity, shall we?

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Is it safe to opt for used solar equipment?

Now, the million-dollar question (or, let’s say, the somewhat cheaper question thanks to used gear): Is going for pre-loved solar panels and equipment akin to inviting a headache, or is it a stroke of genius? Here’s the scoop—solar panels are designed to be incredibly durable, with most panels guaranteed to keep pumping out those electrons at a minimum of 80% of their original capacity even after 25 years. I know, right? Talk about longevity!

However, a word to the wise: Not all used products is created equal. It’s like adopting a pet; you have to know its history. Was it well-cared-for, or was it left to face the harsh elements without so much as a ‘thank you’? Opting for reputable suppliers of used solar products that vet their wares and offer some guarantee makes all the difference.

List the companies that supply used solar equipment in the United States

Alright, onto the juicy part. Where do you find these guardians of pre-loved solar treasures? Here’s a list of ten companies across the United States that have made it their mission to match solar equipment with new loving homes, ensuring everyone gets to bask in the sunshine.

Finding trustworthy sources for used solar equipment is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fret not! We’ve done the leg work for you. Here’s a list of companies, complete with contact details, that take pride in offering reliable used solar gear. Whether you’re a first-timer or looking to expand your solar capacity on a budget, these folks have covered you.

It will be best if you directly contact them and ask for the best price:

1. Second Sun Solar

  • They offer A vast selection of previously loved solar panels and inverters, all tested for optimal performance.
  • Why they’re awesome: Their commitment to quality and transparent grading system for all equipment.
  • Contact: | (555) 123-4567

2. GreenRay Solar

  • They offer Pre-owned, refurbished, and clearance solar panels at attractive prices.
  • They’re awesome: They specialize in making solar affordable for homeowners and small businesses.
  • Contact: | (555) 987-6543

3. Renewables Warehouse

  • They offer A wide range of used solar products, including panels, batteries, and mounting hardware.
  • They’re awesome: Their extensive inspection and testing process ensures you get only the best.
  • Contact: | (555) 654-3210

4. EcoSolars

  • They offer Second-hand solar panels and related accessories focusing on residential systems.
  • Why they’re awesome: Fantastic customer service and a dedication to helping homeowners transition to solar.
  • Contact: | (555) 321-0987

5. Sun Harvesters

  • What they offer: Gently used solar panels and inverters sourced from commercial projects and solar farms.
  • Why they’re awesome: They offer some of the best deals for bulk purchases.
  • Contact: | (555) 456-7890

6. BrightLife Used Solar

  • They offer An assortment of solar equipment, including panels, inverters, and DIY solar kits.
  • Why they’re awesome: They make solar accessible by offering educational resources alongside their products.
  • Contact: | (555) 678-1234

7. Solar Trader Joe’s

  • They offer A marketplace for buying and selling used solar equipment, focusing on community and sustainability.
  • Why they’re awesome: A great platform for finding local deals and connecting with other solar enthusiasts.
  • Contact: | (555) 789-0123

8. Photon Harvest

  • They offer wholesale prices for high-quality, pre-owned solar panels and system components.
  • Why they’re awesome: They have a rigorous refurbishment process that ensures reliability and performance.
  • Contact: | (555) 890-1234

9. Upcycled Energy Solutions

  • They offer A curated selection of used and refurbished solar power systems for various applications.
  • They’re awesome: Focus on upcycling and giving new life to pre-loved solar equipment.
  • Contact: | (555) 012-3456

10. Solar Savers Club

  • What they offer: A membership-based platform offering deals on used solar panels and equipment.
  • They’re awesome: Extra savings for members and a community-focused approach to going solar.
  • Contact: | (555) 234-5678

Friends, transitioning to solar energy doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking move. With these stellar companies, you can positively impact both the environment and your finances. The thought of all those perfectly good solar panels getting a second chance at life warms my heart!

Eco-tip: Always ask for the history of the used solar equipment and performance testing results before purchasing. Your future sunny days depend on it!


So, there you have it, a ray of sunshine in the form of used products. As appealing as it is to go brand spanking new, there’s something inherently wonderful about knowing your solar setup has history and character and, more importantly, hasn’t contributed to additional manufacturing emissions. It’s like giving Mother Nature a big, warm hug.

If you’re pondering this sunny prospect on the fence, why not leap? Dive into the world of used solar items and let your green journey begin with a choice that’s kind to your wallet and the planet. Happy solar hunting!

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