USD 19 Million In 20MW Ituka Solar PV Project: A New Milestone for Uganda

There are several areas in Uganda where they lack the basic amenities that most people enjoy so effortlessly.  The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) has planned to invest almost 19 million dollars to install a 20MW Solar Project. This decision was made in the COP28. The main goal of this venture was to cater to the energy needs in the said regions. Additionally, there is a collective effort to eradicate the dependency upon thermal powers which are major contributors to environmental pollution and eventual degradation.

This project is termed Ituka and will be a revelation of sorts in the renewable energy market. This will be a clear depiction of how low-carbon and climate-favorable infrastructure has been proven to be efficient. The fund established a partnership with AMEA Power to ensure a seamless transition from being local power grid-dependent to adopting renewable energy sources. Their combined effort will also keep all kinds of financial and technical issues at bay.

Under this project, a solar PV power plant shall be created and operated at Ombachi. The location was decided after considering those areas that are devoid of any access to energy sources. This West Nile region, after the establishment of a reliable infrastructure, will gain connection to the main grid or national grid in 2024. However, this is not the first of its kind as EAIF has been successfully facilitating energy supply to several regions that have met the energy demands in areas where its scarcity is rampant. The vision of this project is to increase its generation power and also create a diversified energy mix.

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