Top Ten Renewable Energy Companies in USA – Details, Ratings?

What are the Top Ten renewable energy companies in USA? Get all the details of the company read the reviews and ratings and then decide which is best for you.

With the advent of modern technology and new inventions, the world is undergoing an inevitable energy crisis on a global scale. The United States is known for being one of the leading countries to have contributed to the propagation of the usage of renewable energy. During such times, there is a dire need to adopt renewable sources of energy. To take up this task, several companies have come forward.

Some of the leading and Top Ten renewable energy companies in USA that are contributing to the implementation of renewable energy have been discussed in this article.

1. Ameren Corporation

  • Purpose: The primary goal of the company is to ensure that it generates energy from replenishable sources and decreases the rate of power outages. 
  • Established: 1997
  • Part of Fortune 500
  • Employ: 9000 
  • Address: Collinsville, Ill., and Ameren Missouri in St. Louis
  • Contact number: 800.552.7583
  • Email ID:
  • Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Timings: Monday to Friday( 7 a.m. – 10 p.m) Saturday + Sunday( 8 a.m. – 4 p.m)

Reviews: (Benefits): Good benefits and good services for all (Disadvantages): Employees not as valued by the senior executives.

2. CenterPoint Energy, Inc

  • Purpose: To supply energy and to ensure energy transmission along with distributing natural gas and its sales. 
  • Re-established: 2002
  • No.of employees: 9000
  • Address: CenterPoint Energy, Inc.P.O. Box 4981Houston, Texas 
  • Contact number: 713-659-2111 or 800-752-8036
  • Timings: Monday to Friday (7 a.m. to 7 p.m)
  • Email ID: Not accessible
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Reviews: 2.0 ratings, with most describing it as poor service with horrible customer care.

3. Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated

  • Purpose: To encourage and propagate the idea of sustainability throughout the globe.
  • Established: 1903
  • No.of employees: 12,500
  • Address: Newark, New Jersey, United States
  • Contact number: 55120-4100
  • Email ID:
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn 

Reviews: 3.9 ratings, with some praising the company for sharing good benefits with the employees and for their sustainable goals. Others have disparaged it for its services and poor management style.

4. FirstEnergy Corp

  • Purpose: To provide future genes with trustworthy energy resources that are uninterrupted and sustainable.
  • Established: 2014
  • No.of employees: 12,395
  • Address: FirstEnergy Corp.76 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio 44308
  • Contact number: 1-888-544-4877
  • Email ID: Available on page 
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn 

Reviews: 1.9-star ratings. (Positive) Many have appreciated it for its quick services. (Negative) some have expressed their discontent with the poor customer care support and the delay they make in reaching out. 

5. Xcel Energy Inc

  • Purpose: It provides some of the best Energy solutions and also aims at making it cost-effective for all.
  • Established: 1909
  • No.of employees: 11,321
  • Address: Minneapolis, 414 Nicollet Mall, United States, 
  • Contact number: 1-800-895-4999
  • Email ID:
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn 

Reviews: 3.4 star-ratings (Positive) The majority of the reviewers have stated that the people are great to deal with and the services are of good quality. (Negative ) Some others have differed on the subject of management and have questioned their way of dealing with clients and employees. 

6. Dominion Energy Inc

(PRNewsfoto/Dominion Energy)
  • Purpose: Serving green energy across several regions of Virginia and facilitating community sharing of energy 
  • Established: 1983
  • No.of employees: 17,200
  • Address: 120 Tredegar Street Richmond, VA 23219 USA
  • Contact number: 18777762427
  • Email ID: Not available 
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Reviews: (Positive)Several employees have revered it as a good company and a safe workspace for all to come together and work towards sustainability. They have even described the pay as adequate for all. (Negative) The majority of the complaints are regarding the management style and the confusion that the site creates while selecting contact details for customer support.

7. Exelon Corporation 

  • Purpose: Serving people with tonnes of clean energy and promoting sustainability through the use of renewable energy sources. 
  • Established: 2000
  • No.of employees: 19063
  • Address: Chicago, 10 S Dearborn St, 54th floor, United States
  • Contact number: 
  • Email ID: Not available 
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn 

Reviews: 4.1 star-ratings (Positive) A great competition in the market, especially in the sustainability energy department. (negative) It does not cater as dedicatedly as such services should to its clients and consumers. 

8. Edison International

  • Purpose: The largest electric supply company that is entrusted with offering clean energy that promotes the development of green and sustainable energy. 
  • Established: 1886
  • No.of employees: 12831
  • Address: 2244 Walnut Grove Avenue Rosemead, CA 91770 USA
  • Contact number: (800) 655-4555
  • Email ID:
  • Social media: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn 

Reviews: 3.9-star ratings (Positive). Several employees have appreciated it as a fun workplace, and several consumers have mentioned how they have benefitted from its service. (Negative) Some employees are dissatisfied with the way the company outsources tasks to other countries.

9. CMS Energy Corporation

  • Purpose: To work towards the conservation of the environment and to promote the use of cleaner and cleaner sources of energy. 
  • Established: 1886
  • No. of employees: 9,073
  • Address: CMS Energy Corporation, One Energy Plaza, Jackson, MI 49201
  • Contact number: (517) 788-0550
  • Email ID:
  • Social media: Not available 

Reviews: 3.7 star-ratings (Positive) some. Several workers or employees have held the services rendered by the company and the workplace it offers in high regard. They have mentioned it as a safe and fun workplace. (negative) There are very few employees who have criticized the management and have called them out for lack of management and training. 

10. Consolidated Edison, Inc

  • Purpose: To offer consumers energy-rated products as services that can pave the way for the adoption of renewable resources. 
  • Established: 1823
  • No.of employees: 14,000
  • Address: Corporate Secretary, Con Edison, 4 Irving Place, New York, New York 10003
  • Contact number: Not available 
  • Email ID:
  • Social media: Not available 

Reviews: 4.0-star ratings (Positive) Several employees all across New York City have expressed their interest and enthusiasm in working at the company. (Negative) on the other hand, many employees are dissatisfied with the work culture of the practice. 


As stated above, each company has made significant contributions toward the development of renewable energy sources in the United States. Their services and products have had a huge impact on consumers. However, the lack of reviews that can elucidate the same is pretty evident. Therefore, we have mentioned a few comments by employees that indicate the authenticity and efficiency of the organization. 

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