Theo Von Ex Girlfriend | $5 million girl? Feb 2024

Who is Theo Von ex girlfriend? He is a multitalented individual and entertains the general public with his talents, such as his sense of humor, acting, and excellent vocal skills. 

On experiencing the work on MTV, at 23, Theo decided to practice comedy acts professionally in Los Angeles. Von faced many difficulties before breaking the harsh conceptions of people surrounding him and setting himself as a renowned comic because casting agencies believed Von could never be more than a TV star.


   Name   Theodor Capitani Von Kurnatowski III
   Profession     Anchor, comedian and producer
   DOB             19-03-1980
   Net Value            7 million dollars
   Height                      6 feet (1.83 m)
   Weight                       85 kg
   Nationality                 American
   Famous for                Comedy acts
   Education                   University of New Orleans

About the healthy lifestyle of Theo Von

  • Von didn’t have a usual childhood like other people, and because of this, he grew emotionally detached and became more interested in cocaine. 
  • He intermittently administered cocaine for two years to treat his mental health problems and eventually increased his usage, though he consumed cocaine rather than smoked crack. 
  • Even though he played down his apparent addiction, drug abuse is sometimes accompanied by denial, and Theo’s unfortunate night in Harlem set off a series of events that ultimately led to his rehabilitation.
  • As time passed, Theo made every effort to become fully clean to enhance his health. Apart from improving his physical well-being, he endeavors to inspire people to abstain from substance use by discussing it on his podcast.

What is Theo Von’s net worth, and what does he do for a living?

Theo Von is expected to have a fortune of two million dollars in 2023. He has accumulated riches from his successful careers as a humorist, TV celebrity, and host of a podcast.

Early Life

  • Von was troubled during childhood due to his father’s absence, but he still did everything he could to develop his career. His first noteworthy achievement was winning the title of Last Comic Standing in 2006. 
  • Theo added another feather to his wings when he was featured as an artist on the show “Half hour” of Comedy Central. 
  • Von attained another triumph when he debuted Netflix with its initial hour-long comedy special, No Offense.


  • Theo garnered popularity for his stand-up comedian appearances through humor and gripping storytelling. 
  • This well-known individual broadcast the popular podcast “This Past Weekend,” in which he discusses various topics and offers personal anecdotes. As a result, his fan following has increased. 


As per the reports, Theo is not associated with significant scandals that garnered national media coverage. 

Who is Theo Von’s ex-girlfriend?

Theo has been famous among girls, and as a result, he has quite a few relationships. However, among all his partnerships, he was seen more with Brandi Glanville, a model in the USA.

Glanville began her career as a fashion model at sixteen when she signed a contract with Elite Model Management, and as a consequence of this, she traveled the globe as a leading runway and print model for high fashion.

Bio (Brandi Lynn)

  Full nameBrandi Lynn Glanville
  ProfessionTV personality, model, and author
   Net value5 million dollars
   Height 5 ft 10 in
   Weight60 kg

Sources of Earning

Glanville is multitalented and works hard for every step she takes to further her career. She earns her living by acting and modeling, and this has caused her to be designated as a famous television personality with a net value of 5 million dollars.


One of the accomplishments of Glenville is that being a published author, she has authored her memoir, “Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders,” in 2013, in which she provides details regarding her experiences, relationships, and way of life.


  • The conflict has surrounded Glanville’s personal life, especially her partnerships, as the public and media concentrated heavily on her separation from star Eddie Cibrian and his following marriage to LeAnn Rimes.
  • Glanville has a history of posting divisive remarks on social networking sites, and a few of her articles and tweets have provoked criticism.
  • Brandi has experienced several legal problems, like arrests for misdemeanors involving drunk driving, and legal difficulties recurrently come under public scrutiny and get contentious.


Which one is the best podcast of Theo Von?

An episode with Coroner Toby Savoy is by far the most amazing one.

Where does Theo live?

A $675,900 one-bedroom home in Los Angeles, California, demonstrating his penchant for minimalism over extravagance.

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