Jolly Owl Solar Lights Reviews – I am Happy with the Product?

As per the latest Jolly Owl Solar Lights reviews, many buyers expressed their positive experiences. Although, there are also few who think that the product is pricy as compared to others available in the market.

Here we tried to give you all the necessary details to make your purchase worth it and save you from any scam that might make your investment worthless. We arrange everything our readers require systematically to provide a complete picture so they can come to a constructive conclusion. 

If you want to light up your home, regular lights that look so beautiful are useless after a while. But Jolly owl solar lights we are discussing make your home look aesthetic and do not consume electricity. These can gather the lights generated with solar power by capturing solar energy and transferring it into electricity. Isn’t that amazing? 

What are Jolly Owl solar lights? 

Suppose you are someone who loves to decorate their home with lights that can also swing according to the wind and give your home an aesthetic look that is hard to get your eyes off. Then this is the right choice. These kinds of decorative pieces can be kept outdoors and are suitable for any weather.

They are designed in a way through which they dance according to the wind and follow its directions. One must be worried about the maintenance of the lights and how to charge them. These lights come with IP65 material, which is waterproof, so you do not have to worry when it is kept outside.


  • It comes with a remote control
  • Loaded with motion sensors to turn on/off the light automatically
  • Auto-dimming feature is available

Product ranges:

There are two models:

Wind Dancing Solar LightsSolar Firefly Lights
Comes with a pack of 4Comes with a pack of 6
CostlyCheaper than wind dancing light
Solar panel includedIt also comes with solar rechargeable panel

How do you install the Jolly Owl solar lights?

To install the product, you will require the following:

  • Hook
  • Tools
  • rope/wire (for hanging)

Instruction to install:

  • You can either install it near the entry gate or hang it on the tree for decorative purposes
  • Use a tie-knot or rope/wire for hanging and ensure height for kids/pet safety purposes.
  • No matter where you install it, the face of the solar portion must be towards direct sunlight.
  • Keep the solar face of the product clean to maintain its efficiency.
  • Proper connection is required (refer to expert in need)
  • That’s it. Toggle on the button and enjoy the light. 


  • Objective: to provide outdoor decorative lights that are suitable for all-weather
  • Available on eBay, Amazon, and, Bluefory
  • Cost: $17.95-$57.95
  • It comes with a charger
  • Made up of waterproof material
  • Power source: Solar powered
  • Light source: LED
  • Style: Modern
  • Installation: Semi-flush mount 
  • For: Garden, Balcony, and any outdoor 


  • These lights are suitable for outdoors and stand the same during any weather.
  • This product is available on multiple shopping sites with, guaranteeing that it is genuine and works as it promises. 
  • The lights swing according to the wind, which makes the surroundings more beautiful to spend your evening with your dear ones. 
  • The lights get their power from the sun, and after a sunny day, they work. 6-8 hours straight. 
  • It requires very little maintenance, according to any other lighting decorative pieces meant to be kept outside.
  • There is no requirement for cables and plugs to turn them on. 
  • They are eco-friendly. 


  • They are expensive compared to other available light products that are available in the store. 
  • The set of lights only consists of 1 to 4 lights, which is insufficient to light your outdoor. The customer has to buy it in bulk to give that beautiful touch to their balcony or garden.
  • They only work on warm and sunny days. 

What are the Jolly Owl solar lights reviews? 

We collected reviews from shopping sites, YouTube videos, and public opinion forums.

Favorable reviews: 

  • The customers have posted pictures of the product on shopping sites stating that the products are cheaper during sales. It provides terrific products across all shopping platforms, like Amazon and eBay.
  • Other customers have stated that the product looks similar to what it shows online when it reaches their destination. The company also sends them with good packaging so the product does not break.
  • Another customer has reviewed that the product is unique and does not require constant attention regarding charging or electricity. All that is needed is to fix them outside, and it will generate its energy to light up. 

Unfavourable reviews:

 One customer on Amazon site has stated that the lights are not worth it. The company is operating maliciously. In the specifications, they mentioned the manufacturer in India, but they received the product on which it was written made in China.

Are they safe? 

Per what we have experienced with this product, they are available on many shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and home shop and many more. On average, the product got 4/5-star ratings, which speaks about the customers who already have their hands on it. Most reviews talk about the product’s merits rather than demerits. 


If you want to decorate their outdoors and are looking for a way to navigate these beautiful dancing lights, you should go for this. We hope our article on Jolly Owl solar lights user feedback is helpful for you all. Please share your experience with us in the comment section below, and remember to rate us. 

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