Is MetroOpinion Legit – As per user opinion

Is MetroOpinion legit, as it provides an easy way to make some profit online by just answering a few questions on the survey? With the help of their updated software, this platform tries to find out the most pertinent assessments, which means individuals can make more money. 

The present article will have curated all the details about the website, like specifications, pros, cons, customer reviews, and legitimacy. 

About MetroOpinion

It is an easy process to make online profit as it allows users to select the surveys that are appropriate for them. Once the website gets a proper study for the user, they send a request through the mail, and if the request is not accepted within a limited time frame, it is sent to another customer.

It allows working from anywhere as the surveys can be taken by mobile phone or computer. It takes limited time and thus can be attempted at any time and anywhere. The only thing they require is that the user should have a secure network connection; the rest of everything, from login to procedural fees everything, is free. 

Earning from these surveys can be seen as a side job or an additional income as there is no schedule and no upper limit cap on the age. Even pensioners and children can make online income from these surveys, provided the children are above 14 years of age. Hence, there are many perks to joining MetroOpinion, but MetroOpinion Legit is yet to be answered.

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  • Purpose: To be of service as a website that will help users make online income easily.
  • Contact Number: The contact number is yet to be updated.
  • Email ID: 
  • Address: Svanevej 22, 2nd floor, 2400 CopenhagenNV, Denmark.
  • Website origin date: 25-11-2015
  • Last updated on: 03-10-2023


  • By answering a survey, MetroOpinion helps to get rewards in an easy yet substantial income by answering the surveys. 
  • Payment is accessible on the website as users can choose various payment options, withdraw the gain, or even choose vouchers to spend in any store. 
  • One of the most significant advantages of getting rewards from surveys is that users can work from anywhere and anytime. 
  • Both youngsters and pensioners can take these surveys to get income, as MetroOpinion does not have any restriction on age except the child should be more than 14 years of age.


  • The website should have provided a contact number so the users might need help contacting the staff in case of any issues.
  • MetroOpinion offers limited survey options, and thus, there are few chances available.

Is MetroOpinion Legit? What are the customer reviews?

Positive reviews

  • A customer wrote, “The fact that they revolved the issue within a limited time is a plus point in today’s world.”
  • The website staff responded swiftly to a customer, and thus he commented, “I compliment the promptness of the website’s customer service.”
  • MetroOpinion provides different surveys with interesting topics and great rewards to make it easy to earn,”- a user commented.

Negative Reviews

  • The website does not give the option to put the rewards in PayPal; instead, it just shows that the survey is completed.
  • A user commented, “MetroOpinion is the only survey website that keeps deducting money from the rewards as and when they want.”

Is MetroOpinion legit?

The website has a rating of 2.7 stars out of 5. Though it claims to provide an easy way to, it still needs specific essential amenities like a contact number on the website. Additionally, there have been a few complaints regarding the reward deduction.

However, after careful consideration, the website is a good survey tool for making profit. The website is an excellent way to make money if they address all the complaints.


So, to answer the readers’ question- Is MetroOpinion Legit- the website is a legal survey site and will pay the users to answer surveys. Like two sides of a coin, it also has limitations and strengths. For instance, one of the pros is that it has a comparatively low payout threshold, but on the negative side, it has very limited surveys offering minimal making profit opportunities.

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