Best places to visit in March USA – 2024 list

What are the best places to visit in March USA? As we know, there are many off-beat sights that you can explore. So, here is a random list of some of the exotic locations that one can visit in March.

10 best places to visit in the USA in March 

Choosing March as the optimal time to explore the US is a good decision, given its various advantages, including favorable weather, attractive destinations, and vibrant festivals. 

The diminished crowds, in contrast to peak tourism periods like summer, make March particularly appealing for those who prefer a more tranquil and authentic experience when exploring popular attractions. 

Additionally, numerous tourist spots may extend off-season discounts on accommodations and activities, rendering March a cost-effective period for travel. 

San Francisco, California 

  • Thanks to its captivating scenery and impeccable climate to explore San Francisco. 
  • The sports season kicks off in this particular month, featuring significant tournaments in the city. 
  • A much-anticipated showdown ensues as the San Francisco Giants go head-to-head with the Oakland Athletics, generating substantial anticipation. 
  • Additionally, March in San Francisco brings forth the vibrant celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day. Noteworthy attractions that shouldn’t be missed encompass the Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Museum, and the Exploratorium.

Washington, DC 

  • Consider adding Washington, DC, to your travel plans in March, especially for the captivating display of cherry blossoms that embellish the city with visual allure.
  • The National Cherry Blossom Festival, a noteworthy event in Washington, attracts visitors from around the globe. 
  • Amidst this natural spectacle, iconic landmarks like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the United States Capitol beckon exploration.
  • It’s imperative to note that Washington, DC, experiences a colder climate compared to other states during March.
  • Hence, prudent packing should include winter attire to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit to this historically rich and visually captivating city.

Atlanta, Georgia 

  • Atlanta distinguishes itself as a crucial location in the U.S., showcasing captivating scenery and attractive hiking locations.
  • The city serves as a setting that includes national reserves, botanical areas, and peaks, creating a sanctuary for those passionate about hiking.
  • The observance of festivities like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, BBQ Festival, and the Beer and Bourbon celebration ensures Atlanta’s enduring presence on the list of must-visit places. 
  • The Georgia Aquarium, renowned as one of the largest aquariums, showcases mesmerizing performances, while the Centennial Olympic Park is an obligatory stop. 
  • Additionally, the Martin Luther King National Historic Park and the Museum of Art offer enriching experiences for those exploring the city. 
  • Atlanta, therefore, becomes an essential stop for all, even with its climate being warmer than that of other states.

Hot Springs, Arkansas 

  • Hot Springs stands out as an appealing destination with an ideal climate conducive to outdoor exploration. 
  • The thermal springs, the national park, and the enchanting Garvan Woodland Gardens rank among the imperative places to include in your itinerary. 
  • Hot Springs gains distinction for its Tulip Festival, offering captivating views throughout March. 
  • The Mountain Tower and Ouachita Lake emerge as additional captivating attractions, providing breathtaking vistas. 
  • The activities available at Lake Ouachita, including fishing and boating, unfold against a backdrop of pristine forests. 
  • The captivating scenery and diverse points of interest are certain to captivate visitors, making March the recommended time for exploration.

Palm Springs, California 

  • March stands out as the optimal period to explore Palm Springs, characterized by ideal weather conditions and diminished crowds.
  • Nestled within the Sonoran Desert, Palm Springs consistently delivers awe-inspiring vistas encompassing mountains, desert landscapes, and iconic palm trees.
  • Renowned for its therapeutic natural hot springs and rejuvenating spas, the city ensures a relaxing experience for visitors.
  • An essential Palm Springs activity is a serene hot air balloon ride, allowing participants to traverse the desert while reveling in its breathtaking scenery gracefully. 
  • The city also takes pride in hosting cultural events like the International Film Festival, set against the backdrop of historic locales that showcase the architectural splendor of this remarkable destination.

Fairbanks, Alaska 

  • Fairbanks stands out as one of the most exquisite destinations globally, renowned for its plummeting temperatures and awe-inspiring panoramic vistas. 
  • Optimal exploration of Fairbanks is recommended during March, where the primary allure lies in the captivating phenomenon of the Northern Lights. 
  • The city’s elevated latitudes and unobstructed skies create an ideal environment for witnessing the enchanting spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.
  • Fairbanks further distinguishes itself for its exceptional biodiversity, adding an extra layer of allure for lovers of wildlife.
  • Skiing and snowshoeing activities flourish from December through March, enhancing the city’s appeal for winter sports enthusiasts. 
  • Beyond this, the allure of Fairbanks extends to the Midnight Sun phenomenon, Arctic Circle exploration, and the soothing Chena Hot Springs, collectively contributing to its extraordinary charm.
  • The mesmerizing and unparalleled vistas of Fairbanks create an irresistible longing to revisit this exceptional destination repeatedly.

Na Pali Coast, Hawaii 

  • When contemplating tropical getaways, Hawaii inevitably stands out as a top choice. 
  • Elevating the allure of Hawaii is the lesser-known treasure, the Na Pali Coast, an absolute must-have experience on your travel agenda, especially in March. 
  • The extraordinary natural beauty adorning the coastline, coupled with the rich marine biodiversity, positions Na Pali as an unparalleled destination for holidaymakers. 
  • Hiding within its embrace are magnificent cave formations and hiking trails, offering breathtaking vistas as a backdrop.
  • Embarking on exploration endeavors is facilitated through cruises and boat tours, allowing immersion in the scenic grandeur of cliffs, mountains, and lakes enveloping Na Pali. 
  • The unique aspect of this locale lies in the opportunity to witness waterfalls cascading from the sea, further enhancing its distinctive charm. 
  • The Na Pali Coast is undeniably a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, providing an exquisite and professionally curated vacation experience.

Arches National Park, Utah 

  • The optimal period for discovering Arches National Park is March, owing to its pleasant climatic conditions.
  • The park’s captivating landscapes and the arches sculpted by natural phenomena consistently marvel visitors. 
  • It stands out as an optimal destination for hikers seeking a less crowded environment to traverse the terrain. 
  • Additionally, obtaining a night access permit allows for a unique experience, enabling visitors to marvel at the celestial expanse, indulge in star gazing, and appreciate the beauty of the night sky. 
  • In summary, the allure of Arches National Park is undeniable and should be prioritized on the itinerary of discerning travelers.

Asheville, North Carolina 

  • Individuals must include Asheville, North Carolina, in their travel plans, given its picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultural festivals.
  • Renowned as the preeminent craft beer capital in the United States, Asheville is distinguished for its prolific beer brewing industry and a plethora of breweries situated in the vicinity. 
  • Additionally, the region boasts scenic attractions, including the National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway, which offer an array of recreational activities such as zip-lining and biking. 
  • Further enhancing its appeal, Asheville is replete with theaters, art galleries, and studios. It establishes itself as a prominent cultural hub in the United States, characterized by a diverse and rich cultural tapestry.

Texas Hill Country, Texas 

  • The allure of Texas Hill Country lies in its awe-inspiring panoramas, sprawling vineyards, and meandering rivers. 
  • The region is synonymous with the beauty of the natural world, adorned with enchanting flora and majestic trees. 
  • Exploring the vineyards and partaking in the sophisticated experience of wine tasting are integral to the Hill Country’s charm. 
  • Renowned for its delectable cuisine, the area offers a gastronomic journey that is truly unparalleled. 
  • Additionally, the region boasts distinctive activities such as avian observation trekking, as well as aquatic pursuits like boating and kayaking, rendering it an idyllic haven for dynamic and adventurous tourists.

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