A massive acquisition of a 42 MW repowering Project by Vesta in Germany

Vesta has grabbed headlines by acquiring a huge order from WindStrom Erneuerbare Energien GmbH & Co.KG. The project is for a Schacht Konrad II. The location for the project is supposed to be in Salzgitter, Lower Saxony. This area is said to have been a mining area which is now being remodeled into a renewable energy plant.

Although the wind turbines that are currently in use have contributed vastly to the promotion and production of renewable energy, the wind turbines that are going to be used will double the energy output. It will also be a huge factor in lengthening the life of the site. With the completion of the project< Vesta will also spearhead the service of the turbines in 20 years under Active Output Management 4000. By doing so, it has ensured the proper functioning of the installed wind turbines for a longer period.

Sulai Fahimi, Vestas Vice President Sales Central, stated: ” The Schacht Konrad II repowering project is one of a kind in terms of infrastructure, taking advantage of the former iron ore mining area’s perfect wind speeds for our EnVentus fleet.” He further added:  “This is a great example of the German energy market’s rapid transformation from fossils to renewables. We are delighted to be the chosen supplier for this repowering project, and I am looking forward to seeing this project being executed with our trusted customer WindStrom”

This initiative by Vesta is said to bring forth a new revolution in the renewable sector that will boost the region’s green energy production and will further contribute towards the creation of a sustainable development and greener world.

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