Trinity Solar | Low Cost, Pyramid Scheme & More?

Fuel your home, and light up the planet. Solar can help people lower their cost of living and help protect the environment at the same time. Thus, the customers have the power to improve their quality of life while Trinity Solar will be a small part of it. Trinity Solar will help the customer take control of their electric bill.

The current article will highlight how Trinity Solar is the one end-stop for all solar-related matters. It will contain the company’s specifications, advantages and disadvantages, and honest reviews.

About Trinity Solar

As the most extensive private solar installer, the company provided services to over 85000 families. It has always been reliable and has been contracting since 1994. The company is experienced in this field and offers high-quality installations and after-installation services.

Since the day they started their business, they have always given their priority to the customers and have tried to provide a positive experience. They have carefully hired, knowledgeable, and skilled teams who are well-equipped to provide the customer’s energy needs.

The company currently serves in 10 states of the USA and plans to expand to other states. Through its business, the company provides earnings to over 2700 employees. Trinity is all about ensuring that our earth is clean from carbon footprint. Its main objective is to lower the carbon footprint by promoting renewable energy. It aims to protect the environment today by going solar so that future generations will live happily.

Kind of services

Trinity provides three significant services

  • services related to solar installations,
  • services related to roofing, 
  • services to battery back-ups, etc. 


  • Purpose: To provide customers with high-quality solar installations and other related services.
  • Contact Number: Customers can contact them at 888-865-7300 or 732-780-3779. However, other contact numbers exist for services like HR Inquiries, sales, etc. 
  • Email ID:  Customers can mail their queries to
  • Address: The website has provided addresses for all the states’ offices where they are operating their business. 
  • Social Media: Trinity continuously updates its news on Instagram, Facebook, Solar Power World, and LinkedIn.
  • Website origin date: 20-04-2010


  • Trinity provides many options for payment.
  • One of the positive things is that a family owns the company, so they understand the needs of the families and hence are customer-centric.
  • The company offers a wide range of efficient panels. 


  • Their services are limited to a few cities. 
  • Trinity provides short-term warranties. 

Trinity Solar reviews


  • A customer liked how the staff communicated and helped them purchase the best panel.
  • Clients were happy with the installation process as it went smoothly.
  • One of the purchasers wrote that the entire process of installation was smooth, communicative, and well-coordinated. 


  • Disappointed with the installation, a customer wrote that the company does not provide support after installation.
  • There have been several misunderstandings regarding changing the roof after installation, which caused great disappointment for the customers.

Trinity solar prices

Typically, organizations in this industry do not provide price information without first consulting with the consumer. This is because estimating the installation cost without knowing the characteristics of the home is impossible. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar panels will cost $3.25 per watt in September 2022. 

Is Trinity Solar a pyramid scheme?

Trinity specializes in providing solar-related solutions. Pyramid schemes mainly involve making money by recruiting others into the system instead of just selling the products or services. Thus, Trinity Solar is not identified as a pyramid scheme. 

Trinity Solar App

Trinity has its app, Trinity Solar Connect, which helps connect the inverter to the solar system to help monitor the solar system and performance. These apps provide information like the amount of energy produced by the panels, the working pattern of the solar panels, and the electricity absorbed by the storage batteries.  


The company received a decent rating for its services. Like any other company, Trinity also has its disadvantages, but what matters is that it tries to work on them and improve. Moreover, in comparison, the company has more positives than negatives. Thus, customers can choose Trinity Solar for solar installations.


Who is the CEO OF Trinity Solar?

Tom Pollock is the CEO of Trinity Solar.

Which is the No. 1 solar brand in India?

Tata Power Solar is the top solar brand in India.

Whose solar share is the best? 

Tata Power Company is the best.

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