Bereavement Support

Arranging someone's account after they've passed away

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Need a little extra help getting things in order?

Looking after someone’s affairs while you’re grieving is never easy. We understand this is a difficult time so, to try and make it a little easier, here's some information on what you need to do about their Green Star Energy account.

You'll also find details of organisations that offer extra help when you've lost someone close.

How to let us know the account holder has passed

The first thing you'll need to do with the account is let us know that the account holder has passed away. 

What do you need to hand?

Make sure you have everything you need when you contact us:

  • Personal details - The full name and address of the person that has passed, as well as the date they died
  • Account details - Their energy account number and an up-to-date meter reading for the property
  • Executor or Administrator details - The full name, address and telephone number of the person responsible for getting affairs in order.
We'd like to know if you expect to get a grant of probate or administration, and when this might be - that's the right to make decisions about the deceased's property, as well as a certified copy of the death certificate. But you don't need these immediately if you get in touch with us by phone.
How to contact us

To close the account or put it in another name, contact us:

By Email or Phone

[email protected]

0808 169 8016

Please have the information listed above to hand

By Post

Bereavement Services
Green Star Energy

Please include: 

  • The information we have requested above
  • A certified copy of the death certificate (we can't return anything we receive in the post)
  • Instructions on what you'd like us to do with the account (close it or transfer it into a different name) 

How can I find out more about handling an estate?

There's helpful information on the UK Government's website here.

What if there's someone else still living in the property?

If they're already named as an account holder, we'll just change the name on the account. If they're not:

  1. They'll need to get in touch
  2. We need either their verbal or written consent before we can put the deceased's estate account into their name
  3. We'll make the appropriate changes

What if the property is going to be sold?

  1. Please send a meter reading - we need a meter reading from as close to when the customer passed away as possible. If you can't get this, we can use a current meter reading or estimate the reading based on previous readings from the property.
  2. Then we'll send a bill - we'll send the bill to the solicitors or whoever's dealing with the account. This bill is to give you the information you need to apply for a grant of probate.
  3. Then we'll put a hold on the account - we don't want you to get any unnecessary contact from us. But we'll contact you from time to time for updates on what's happening with the property.

What if someone has inherited the property?

Then they'll need to set up a new account for the gas and electricity. Please contact us and we'll sort this out.

What if the property has a prepayment meter?

We'll have to open a new account in the new account holder's name. Contact us to order a new gas card or electricity key for your meter.

The current key/card might be collecting debt, so if you get a new card you won't have to pay off any debt that you're not responsible for.

What happens if property is rented?

  1. Let us know when the person passed away
  2. Send us an accurate meter reading when the keys are returned to the landlord
  3. We'll close the account and send a final bill to the person responsible for dealing with the estate

How to access other help and support

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice can provide free, impartial and confidential advice on things like registering a death, funerals, wills, intestacy, income maximisation, counselling, and financial affairs. They’ll also signpost you to your local Citizens Advice who can put you in touch with support groups near you.

Call 0808 156 6666 or visit their website here.

Bereavement counselling and support

If you’re struggling to cope with bereavement, there are lots of organisations who can provide bereavement support and information. Contact Cruse Bereavement Care, a national charity for bereaved people or visit the NHS website.