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Green Star Energy is Part of Shell Energy Retail

We're delighted to announce that, on 29 November 2019, Shell Energy Retail acquired our business.


What does this mean for our customers?

Our customers won't see any change at this time and don't need to do anything; their energy supply, their plan terms and the way their energy account is handled will remain the same.

They will also continue to benefit from 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost, as well as any relevant customer rewards.

Our number one priority is to ensure our customers continue to receive great service.

Have any questions?

We've prepared answers to some of the questions you may have below. 

If you have any further concerns, either relating to this announcement or to your energy account, please contact us as usual - we're here for you and happy to help.

We are thrilled to be part of Shell's consumer energy business in the UK and look forward to sharing the benefits of being part of their operation with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have, including: 

  • Am I still a Green Star Energy customer? What will happen to my energy account?
  • Will my prices stay the same? Will I still receive my customer benefits?
  • Will I still receive my gas and electricity?  Will my supply be disrupted?
  • I've recently switched to/from Green Star Energy - will my switch go ahead?

We'll be updating this page from time-to-time, so please check back if you have any further concerns.

About your energy account

Q:  Will I still be a Green Star Energy customer?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Will my energy supply be affected? 

A:  No. There will be no interruption to your supply.

Q:  Will my tariff stay the same?

A:  Yes. The terms of your tariff will not change.

Q:  Will my account details change?

A:  No. Your account details will remain the same.

Q:  Will my smart meter still send you meter readings?

A: Yes. Your smart meter's functionality will not be affected. 

Q:  What do I need to do now?

A:  You don’t need to do anything. Your tariff terms have not changed.

 About your plan benefits

Q:  Will I still get 100% renewable electricity?

A:  Our fuel mix has not changed. Find out more here. If you are on a Green plan, your electricity is guaranteed to be 100% renewable for the term of your contract.

Q: Will I still get my Green Star Energy Perks?

A: Yes, if you are on a Perks plan, you will continue to receive Perks Rewards points. Our customer benefits have not changed.

About your plan price and payments

Q:  Will my prices go up?

A:  No. Your tariff terms will not change.

Q:  What about my account credit?

A:  You will not lose any credit on your account. If you pay by Flat Direct Debit, your account should be in credit as we approach winter.

Q: Will my Direct Debit stay the same?  Will it move across?

A:  Your payment method will stay the same. Your Direct Debit will remain in place with Green Star Energy (shown on your bill as Hudson Energy Supply UK Limited).

 Switches and renewals

Q:  What happens at the end of my tariff?

A:  We will notify you of available tariff options to renew onto 49 days before your tariff is due to end. Shell Energy Retail and Hudson Energy will continue to operate independently, as usual, until further notice.

Q: I have just switched to Green Star Energy, will my switch go ahead or will I automatically switch to Shell Energy?

A: You will switch to Green Star Energy, as requested. There will be no change to the tariff you have agreed to.

Q:  If I don’t want to stay with Green Star Energy, can I switch? 

A:  Yes, you may switch away at any time, however, depending upon the terms of your tariff, exit fees may apply.

Find out more

Q:  Who should I call if I have a problem with my account or any concerns about this announcement? 

A:  You can contact us via phone, email or on social media as usual.



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