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Our 36 month plan offers price protection, 100% renewable electricity  and carbon offsetting

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Switch to our Fix For Less v2 plan for gas and electricity and get peace of mind that you are not only avoiding energy market price changes, but that you are also helping the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. 

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Go Green! Switch today to receive:

100% Renewable Electricity Our electricity is guaranteed 100% renewable, no matter which plan you choose.

Reforestation We will plant two trees in the UK on your behalf and help reforestation in the Amazon through our carbon reduction projects.

Carbon Offsetting Our Green plans offset 2 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, that's the same as driving 4,902 miles1!

Exclusive Discounts Access exclusive discounts on energy and water saving devices for your home. Find out more here.

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Our carbon
reduction projects


Not only will we supply your home with 100% renewable electricity, we have partnered with Carbon Footprint to help to support two worthwhile carbon reduction projects:

Reducing Deforestation in the Amazon and cutting carbon emissions

Fix for Longer customers are helping reduce deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. 

Deforestation accounts for 15% of Global Green House Gas emissions. For every household that switches to this tariff we fund the equivalent of 2 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide savings, through carbon offset projects that Reduce Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. 

We've chosen to support conservation work in the Amazon, as it is the largest remaining rainforest on our planet. The Amazon is known for its amazing biodiversity; containing 10% of all species, and is home to some endangered species that rely on it for their survival.

The projects we support are monitored and verified by the international Verified Carbon Standard. Carbon Credits registered are retired on a carbon registry to ensure no double counting. Carbon Footprint Ltd is also audited by the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) annually.

So far we have supported the following specific projects in the Amazon:
•    Florestal Santa Maria Reducing Deforestation (REDD)
•    Cikel Brazil Amazon REDD
•    RMDLT Portel-Pará REDD

Visit Carbon Footprint for more details.


Tree planting in UK schools

Fix for Longer customers are helping plant native British broad-leaved trees across the UK. Most of the planting takes place in school locations and are only native British broad-leaved trees, ensuring they are in keeping with the local surroundings.

Planting trees not only offsets carbon emissions, but also protects wildlife habitats for many hundreds of years. All trees planted through Carbon Footprint are guaranteed to be in addition to any national quota, so you can be sure that trees would not have been planted without your support.

UK Tree planting project 



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