Visiting Your Home

What you can expect when we visit your home

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We know that letting a stranger into your home can be a little daunting. So when a Green Star Energy representative comes to visit, we want you to know that you’re in safe hands.


Our representatives

Whether we’re coming to read your meters, collect a payment or fix an issue, our representative will always formally identify themselves and explain what they’re doing there before anything else. You can also expect to see their identity card.

The card will display an image of the representative and will explain who they are, what their job is, and provide a contact number to double-check their identity. This will also display an expiry date so you can be sure they are currently employed by us.


Our password scheme

If you have a problem reading an identity card, or would feel more comfortable with an extra level of security, we can provide a password scheme too. Just contact us to add a password to your account. Our representative will confirm the password to you when they arrive.


Our engineers

All of our engineers are trained to our own high standards and possess formal qualifications certifying them to provide you with gas and electricity maintenance and advice. In addition we run extensive background checks on all engineers including criminal records checks and requiring references.

They are there to help however they can, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have. If your engineer cannot fully provide you with an answer, they have a wealth of contacts who can. All you have to do is ask.


Your appointment

We know that waiting around all day for someone to turn up can be inconvenient. In order to make your life a little easier we will give you a 2 hour window in which our representative will arrive, and will call ahead to say when we’re on our way.

We will only cancel your appointment under the following circumstances:

  • You rearrange the appointment;

  • You are not there when we visit;

  • There are exceptional circumstances;

  • The site is deemed to be unsafe by our engineer.

If we do cancel under any other circumstances you may be entitled to a £30 payment, which you can read about in our Guaranteed Standards.


Meter reads

In most cases, our meter reads will be conducted unannounced between 8am and 6pm. The representative that comes to read your meter will also present you with their identification card.

If you have a smart meter installed, we may occasionally need to come and inspect or service the device.

You can submit your meter readings online, by calling us on 0800 012 4510 or via My Account.


Other visits

You may also be visited by one of our sales representatives who will be able to inform you about our latest products and tariffs. They will be able to provide you with literature regarding our services and advise you on the products that will work best for you. 

As a last resort, we may send a debt recovery representative to your property. In this event we will notify you well in advance.