What to do in a power cut

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Have the lights gone off? Has the TV powered down? Don’t worry, you might just be experiencing a power cut. Here’s what to do:


Check if it is a power cut.


First of all, let’s rule out whether it’s just a problem with the energy in your home:

  1. Are the street lights on?

  2. Do your neighbours have power?

  3. Is it just your appliances that have gone off, or the big lights too? (If it’s just one or the other you will want to check your trip switches.)

  4. Has your prepayment meter run out of credit?


If all power has gone out in your local area then you are experiencing a power cut. In this case, do not call your energy supplier as they will not be able to help you.


Instead you need to call your ‘network distributor’ - the company that maintains the cables delivering energy to your home. You can reach your distributor by calling 105 or getting in touch with them directly. If you know your network distributor but not their contact details you can find their telephone number here.


If you don’t know who your network distributor is you can find out who they are on the Power Cut website here, all you need is your postcode.


What to do if there is a power cut.


You will want to ensure the safety of everyone in your home, so make sure that any heating appliances such as irons, hair straighteners, ovens, fires and fryers are switched off as soon as the cut happens.


If possible, turn off any other electrical appliances like TVs and computers at the plug too. It’s possible that when the power comes back on there could be an electrical surge which could damage your equipment.


Though most power cuts will last just a few minutes, in the case of longer cuts you will want to keep an eye on all your frozen foods which cannot be refrozen once defrosted.


The Priority Services Register.


During an extended power cut, those on the Priority Services Register may receive additional assistance. If you are on the Register do not call 105, instead call the number you were given in your service pack. To find out more about the Priority Services Register click here.


We would also suggest that if you live next to an elderly or vulnerable person, consider paying them a visit to check whether they need any assistance.



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