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Changes to your Direct Debit amount

We regularly review your Direct Debit to make sure you’re not paying too much or too little for the energy you’re using, based on your annual consumption. That way we make sure that when your Green Star Energy contract ends, you’ve paid for all the energy you’ve used. 

If you’ve recently received a notificaton suggesting a change to your Direct Debit payments and would like to discuss this, please call one of our friendly advisors on 01527 405 481.


How is my Direct Debit amount calculated

In basic terms, we work out how much energy you’re likely to need in a year, and then divide the total cost into twelve monthly payments. That means you may fall behind a bit over the winter months, as you’re probably using more energy – but you should catch up in the summer, when your heating’s switched off and the nights are shorter. This way you should end up with a zero balance at the end of the year.

Here are the answers to common Direct Debit change questions

I’m on a fixed rate tariff, why are you changing my Direct Debit? 
Your tariff hasn’t changed, the change to your Direct Debit is in response to a change in your usage, the rate you pay for your energy remains the same until the end of your contract. 
My account is showing a credit, why are you increasing my Direct Debit? 
The increase in your Direct Debit is to reflect an annualised figure over the next 12 months from the date of this letter, including the additional usage during the winter months. 
Why is the calculation over 12 months, my tariff ends sooner than that?
When calculating your Direct Debit payments all energy companies calculate the payments for the next 12 months. The energy industry’s regulator, Ofgem, asks us to calculate payments according to the time you have left on your remaining tariff and the remainder of the 12 months on our Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). The calculation is based on your current usage and your estimated usage for the next 12 months, meaning that you should have a zero balance in 12 months’ time. 
Do you adjust my Direct Debit for winter months? 
We may increase your Direct Debit if your current Direct Debit amount isn’t enough to cover the extra energy you use in winter. Here at Green Star Energy, we like to keep an eye on your Direct Debit amount to make sure it covers the amount of energy you use. So – unless you’ve been paying too little to cover the cost of your energy – your Direct Debit payments should stay the same over winter. You can help us make sure you’re billed accurately and don’t build up a debit balance by giving us regular meter readings – once a month is ideal. 
Why are you changing my Direct Debit now? 
It is an Ofgem requirement that we contact you to avoid you falling into debt or accruing too much credit. The onus was previously on the customer to check their bills and ensure the Direct Debit was correct. We are now taking a more proactive approach to help our customers manage their energy bills. 
What if I don’t want to change my Direct Debit payments? 
If you wish to leave your Direct Debit payments the same, please email us at: Please be aware if we’re suggesting an increase in payment and you choose not to increase the payment, this may result in a large bill at the end of your contract. All outstanding balances will need to settled prior to moving to another supplier. 
I’ve got an outstanding balance on my account, why are you reducing my Direct Debit? 
The decrease in your Direct Debit is to reflect an annualised figure over the next 12 months from the date of this letter. If you continue with this payment your account balance should be zero in 12 months’ time. 
I’m already struggling to pay my current Direct Debit, what can I do? 
If you have a large amount outstanding on your account and are struggling to pay, please email us at and one of our friendly advisors will contact you to discuss options. You can also get advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, England 03444 111 444, Wales 03444 77 2020, website: Citizens Advice Bureau. If you’d like tips on reducing your energy consumption, please click here.


What if I think my bill is wrong?


Write to us at:
Green Star Energy Customer Services Department Elder House 3rd Floor, 586-592 Elder Gate, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1LR

Email us:

Call us on Landline: 0800 012 4510
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