Tariff Information Labels (TIL)

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In order to provide consumers with a simple way to understand what their energy tariff means, the industry regulator introduced and adopted the Tariff Information Labels (TILs) which allow key details relating to energy tariffs for gas and electricity. Ofgem introduced these to ensure and to allow consumers easy access and understanding to key information about their current energy tariffs, their bills and to encourage tariff comparisons.


What is in a TIL?

Each Tariff Information Label (TIL) has to have the following information:
• Supplier name (e.g. Green Star Energy);
• The tariff name (e.g. Rate Saver);
• Payment method (e.g. standing order);
• Unit rate (the price of energy per kWh);
• Tariff type (e.g. fixed);
• Standing charge (the per day rate fixed cost for providing your energy supply);
• Tariff end date;
• Price guarantee (the end date for the price you are currently paying for your energy);
• Exit fees, if applicable (the fee payable to terminate your tariff before your contract ends);
• Additional benefits and services (e.g. Perks).

Where can I find the TIL on the Green Star Energy site?

  1. Simply click here.
  2. Enter your post code.
  3. Click the green 'See our tariffs' button.
  4. Then scroll down and view the information on all our current plans' TILs.

What is the purpose of the TIL?

The TIL is meant to provide you with enough information so that when you view your energy bill, you can see and understand how your energy bills are calculated on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Its purpose is to help you be aware of how competitive your tariff is in the market by comparing and contrasting competitor TILs.