Our Complaints Performance

Here are details of the complaints we receive

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Our Complaints Performance

We aim to make sure that we handle all complaints fairly and efficiently and we will always handle your complaint confidentially.  We are committed to continually improve our customer service and learn from any feedback we receive. 

Complaints Performance

Complaints Received and Resolved

This is the number of complaints we’ve received and resolved in Q2 (1 April - 30 June 2019):

Number of complaints received 17,232
Number of Complaints per 100,000 customer accounts 4,450
Number of complaints resolved* 18,623Yes
Number or complaints resolved per 10,000 customer accounts 4,809
% complaints resolved by end of the next working day 64%
% complaints resolved within 8 weeks 87%

 * Including complaints resolved which were raised in previous quarters.


Our historical complaints statistics:

Complaint Resolutions


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