Free Gas Safety Checks

We provide free gas safety checks to those eligible, ensuring your home is safe and your gas fittings are secure

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Can I get a free gas safety check?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer everyone a free gas safety check, and are only able to provide one to those who need a little extra help.
Firstly, to be eligible you must:
  • Be an existing Green Star Energy customer;
  • Own the property you live in, or rent a property in which the landlord is not responsible for arranging a gas safety check;
  • Be on means-tested benefits;
  • Not have had a gas safety check in the last 12 months;
In addition, you must also either: 
  • Live in a house in which one of the occupants is less than five years old; or 
  • Be of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick and either live alone, or live with others who also qualify.
Contact us to register for a Free Gas Safety Check.

What checks are made?

There are two types of gas safety check - an Appliance Safety Check and a Gas Installation Safety Check - both of which will be conducted by one of our fully qualified engineers. During the inspection of your property we will examine whether:
  • Gas pipework is in good condition and not leaking;
  • All safety devices are fully operational;
  • Appliances are suitable for the room they’re in;
  • Any flue or chimney connected to an appliance is working optimally;
  • All appliances are appropriately installed and that the gas is burning properly;
  • Appliances are working to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding operating pressure or heat input.

Priority Services

If you do qualify for a free gas safety check, you may also be eligible to join our Priority Services Register. Providing a little extra help with additional assistance, our Priority Services are available to the customers that need it most at no extra cost. 

Find out more about our Priority Services.


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