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Smart Meter FAQs


In order to help you understand what a smart meter is we have compiled a list of useful questions and answers 


What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are a next generation meter for both gas and electricity. They are a replacement for standard meters which allows you to view your energy consumption and communicate the information back to your energy supplier for accurate billing.

What are the benefits of a smart meter?

Easier to save energy and money - smart meters help you to understand where you are using energy and where you could save energy and money by providing real-time and accurate information about your consumption.

No need to provide meter reads - smart meters can communicate with your energy supplier to provide meter reads automatically which saves you time.

No more estimated bills – smart meters will put an end to estimated bills. Future bills will be based on actual consumption as your supplier will have direct access to your meter readings.


Why are we installing smart meters?

The UK Government has committed to several initiatives that contribute towards reducing carbon emissions; the smart meter roll out is one of the more important initiatives.

The Government wants energy suppliers to rollout smart meters to all their customers by 2020 so that households will be more aware of how much energy they are using in near real-time which will encourage them to use less.


Do I have to pay for my smart meter?

No, smart meters are installed free of charge as part of the UK Government sponsored nationwide initiative


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What happens to my smart meter data? What data will be stored on the smart meter?

The smart meter will store:
  • The amount of energy you have consumed.
  • Your tariff information (standing charge and unit rate).
  • Other information used to ensure accurate operation of the smart meters.
What data will be collected from the smart meter?
Information about your energy consumption.

How will the data be collected from the smart meter?

Meter readings will be sent automatically by mobile communication via the SIM card in the meter


What will we use the data for?

The consumption data is used to: 

Accurately calculate your bills, removing the need for estimated bills. Provide information to help us and the energy industry to improve efficiency.


Can I decide how frequently my data is collected?

You can decide how frequently we collect your data (half-hourly, daily or monthly) by calling [insert number] or via MyAccount. The more frequently we collect your data, the more insight you will have into your energy consumption habits and potential savings.

If you don’t specify a collection frequency, we will automatically collect your data monthly. 

As well as calling or visiting MyAccount, you can let us know your preferred collection frequency before or during your smart meter installation.


Is my data secure?

Smart meters are security certified to the highest standards. The protection of our customers’ personal data is something that we take very seriously. As such, we take all appropriate measures to ensure all personal information is kept safe.

We don’t publicise the methods we use to ensure safekeeping of our customers’ data but we can confirm that:

We use independent agencies to regularly assess our security measures to ensure they are robust and able to keep data as secure as possible.

The systems we use to hold personal data are securely located in data centres and protected by the latest network security systems.


Who will my data be shared with?

We need to share your consumption data with:

The network operators that supply your energy; Law enforcement agencies in the event of fraudulent or criminal investigations.


Will you sell my data?

We won’t sell your consumption data to third parties.


Where can I get more information?

A ‘Data Guide’ is available at the Energy UK website .


Can the smart meter interfere with my home Wi-Fi?

It is highly unlikely, smart meters use Zigbee 2.4GHz to communicate within your house using allocated channels within the frequency range. Zigbee modules used in our smart meter systems have to conform to a strict set of regulations before they can be installed in your home, so interference with other devices is rare.


Do I have to have a smart meter?

You aren’t obliged to have a smart meter but you may miss out on one of the many benefits if you opt out. Please refer to ‘the benefits of smart meters section in these FAQs or visit the Smart Energy GB website to find out more.


Do you install smart meters for both electricity and gas?

Yes. We can install smart meters for both electricity and gas. You will need only one IHD for both electricity and gas smart meters.


Do I still need to provide meter readings to Green Star Energy?

No. Your smart meter will send the meter reads automatically to Green Star Energy every half-hour, day or month depending on your preference.


How often will a meter reading be taken?

We have the ability to read your smart meter either half hourly, daily or monthly. If you would prefer us to view readings at any other frequency other than monthly, please contact us .


Can I still change energy supplier if I have a smart meter?

Owning smart meters does not prevent you from changing energy suppliers. However, if you switch your energy to a supplier that does not support smart meters, you will lose functionality and the benefits that your smart meters give you.


Will the smart meter affect my bills?

Once we start to receive consumption data from your smart meter, your bill will be calculated on actual meter readings which means that you will be less likely to accrue credit or debt on your account.

By giving you access to your consumption data, smart meters provide insight into when you use the most energy which may help you to spot energy saving opportunities and help you to reduce your bills. 

Please note: if you are usually billed using estimated meter readings, your first bill could be more or less than expected, depending on the difference between the actual smart and estimated reads.


Will smart meters affect my Direct Debit payments?

The installation of smart meters allows for accurate consumption to be taken from the meter directly. Depending on the accuracy of the data used to produce bills prior to the installation of a smart meter, fixed direct debits may be adjusted and variable direct debits may also increase or decrease, depending on your usage.


Will my billing frequency change now I have a smart meter?

No. Your billing frequency will remain the same after your smart meter installation. Your bills are just likely to be more accurate once your actual consumption is known.


Will the smart meter change my tariff?

No, whether you’re on a single rate, a 2-rate or multi-rate tariff, your tariff will not be affected by installing a smart meter.


What happens if you change your tariff?

If you switch onto a different tariff, we will remotely update the tariff on your meter. Changes will be applied within 24 - 48 hours.


What happens if there is a price change?

If we change our prices, we will inform you in advance and remotely update the tariff onto your meter. Any price changes will be applied within 24 - 48 hours of the price change


Which payment cards can I use to top up?

You can use Visa Credit and Debit Cards, Maestro Debit Cards and MasterCard Credit Cards.


Moving Home?

If you move home, you must not take the In Home Display (IHD) with you. You should leave the IHD in your old home for the next occupant to use as the IHD will only work with the smart meters at your old home. When you move home, we will clear any data on the smart meter that belongs to you on the day you tell us you are moving, including consumption data and tariff details. If you don’t tell us you are moving, your personal data will remain on the meter until the new occupant or homeowner advises us that they have moved in.

Please note: if you move into a property where we supply the energy and has smart meters that were installed by us, we will configure your details on the smart meter and IHD in your new property.