Non-Standard Electricity Meters

Also referred to as restricted or complex meters

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Can Green Star Energy supply your non-standard meter?

The type of meter you have in your home may depend on if you use gas/oil or electricity to heat your home and water.

All Green Star Energy electricity customers have a standard single rate tariff or an Economy 7 tariff with two rates. If you have a non-standard meter and wish to switch to Green Star Energy, we can offer a single or two-rate tariff, which may not be the best tariff for you.



What is a non-standard electricity meter?

Non-standard meter, include Economy 10, SuperTariff meter or off-peak meters with an associated 24-hour meter (two meters and two electricity supply numbers).


What is an Economy 10 meter?

An Economy 10 meter records the electricity you use on two rates. Ten hours are recorded at a ‘low’ rate; either broken down into seven hours at night and three hours during the day, or into three periods – for example, five hours overnight, three hours in the afternoon and two hours in the evening.


What is a SuperTariff meter?

A SuperTariff is a multi-rate meter that has registers to separately record the electricity you use in your home during the day and night, as well as a ‘heat’ register, which records the electricity used to power a particular space and/or to heat water.

It runs alongside an associated 24-hour ‘day/night’ meter, which is likely to be an Economy 7 meter.


I want to transfer to a Green Star Energy tariff. Will you change my meter?

If you would like to become a Green Star Energy customer, we have a variety of tariffs with a number of great benefits.

We strongly recommend that you contact us to make us aware that you have a non-standard meter, to discuss your exact requirements with us and to ensure that you’re not disadvantaged by changing your tariff or meter. Green Star Energy does not offer any restricted hours tariffs. If you wish to switch to us, we will offer you a single-rate tariff and will change your meter free of charge if you wish to change to an alternative Green Star Energy tariff.


How do I access independent advice?

It’s easy to get independent advice about your energy supplies. The Citizens Advice Consumer Service gives free, confidential and impartial advice online. Alternatively, you can call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06 (Textphone 18001 03454 04 05 06).