Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

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The plan that pays you for the electricity you generate but don't use

Smart Export Guarantee plan pays you for the export of any electricity generated at your property that has not been used.

We'll calculate how much we owe you via export data which we receive from your smart meter.

The plan is available to customers with a SMETS compliant smart meter.

SEG Application Form


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About the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

What is Export?

Export is the excess energy that you've generated with your solar panels, but that you haven't used to power your home.  This excess electricity will flow to the electricity grid.

The amount of electricity exported will depend on factors such as the weather and the size of the solar panels at your property.

How do I join the SEG plan?

To join, you'll need to:

  • Have a SMETS compliant smart meter with an export register. 
  • Send a copy of your Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate to us.
  • Complete an SEG Application Form and return it to us.

 Our contact details for SEG are:

By Post

FIT Team, Green Star Energy
Elder House 3rd Floor

586-592 Elder Gate
Milton Keynes MK9 1LR 


 To set up your SEG plan, we will:

  • Check that the property is not already registered into the Feed in Tariff scheme and receiving export payments from that scheme.
  • Have received the right paperwork for the tariff. Generally this will consist of a copy of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate together with the Application Form. We currently only recognise the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and therefore will not be able to accept any generation that does not have this certificate.
  • check if an export MPAN has already been created for this property. If not then we will need to request a creation of this by the distribution network operator (DNO). This may take some time as we rely on a third party to create this. Please ensure your installer has sent the relevant form to the DNO to inform them this you have installed equipment generates electricity and will be exporting onto the grid.


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